Implicit and Explicit are ONE and the picture is always WHOLE

It occurs to me whether you serve your needs or other people’s needs, from a higher viewpoint, they both are equivalent – i.e. basically movement towards serving need appearances.
Whether things drive you
OR you drive things
what difference does it ultimately make
what difference does it make, which side of the dance you are in?
Because from the level above, both are equivalent.
Its still a dance between 2, and is whole.
In one, you choose the yin role and the other takes the yang role.
In the other case, you choose the yang role, the other takes the yin role.
Ultimately a receiver needs a giver and the giver needs a receiver.
Thats how energetically things fit into each other like a lock and key.
The Yin attracts Yang for its wholeness. The Yang attracts the Yin for its wholeness.
All energy is attempting to complete itself.
If you realize you are all the energy that exists.
You see yourself as both Yin and Yang, and then the identification with Yin or Yang is transcended.
Now you are both and neither.
Once the identification with Yin, Yang is transcended
Both voluntary and involuntary actions become equivalent.
Control and non-control are seen as one.
Duality itself is transcended.
Then any appearance is alright.
In some situations, you are the Yin, in some you are the Yang,
but you flow seamlessly because you see wholeness in both.
When you are explicitly Yang, the implicit aspect in your experience is a Yin.
And vice versa.
You see both the explicit and implicit as ONE and the picture is WHOLE no matter what appears.

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