List of Duality spectrums

The Yin-Yang dance.
Its just like a pendulum.
Movement to one side simultaneously creates the potential to swing to the other side and vice versa.
Another way to imagine this is to think of it as a spectrum analyzer in your music system.
Lets say the high point is the +ve experience and the low point is the -ve experience.
Each of the below can be columns in this spectrum analyzer shown.
The overall experience that then unfolds moment to moment is MUSIC.
What is the music of your life?
Bright Day ———————– Dark Night
Truth ———————————– False
Clarity ———————————- Confusion
Light ———————————– Dark
Gain ———————————– Loss
Meaning ——————————- Meaninglessness
Pursuit ——————————— Avoidance
Zest ———————————— Tiredness
Vigor ———————————– Exhaustion
Optimism —————————— Pessimism
Sweet ———————————– Bitter
Brightness —————————- Dimness
Freshness —————————– Decrepitude
Vitality ———————————- Depression
Eagerness —————————– Weariness
Strength ——————————– Weakness
Riches ———————————- Poverty
Hope ———————————— Despair
Comfort ——————————— Discomfort
Wanted ——————————— Unwanted
Happiness —————————— Unhappy
Security ——————————— Insecure
Certainty ——————————– Uncertainty
Love ————————————- Hate
Fascination —————————– Aversion
Acceptance —————————- Rejection
Bonding ——————————— Aloneness
Relationship Riches —————— Emotional Poverty
Emotional Fullness ——————- Aridity/Desert
Satisfaction —————————– Dissatisfaction
Fulfillment ——————————- Unfulfillment
Wonder ———————————- Dis-spirited
Trust ————————————– Mistrust
Connectedness ————————- Loneliness
Union ———————————— Separate
Commonality ————————— 0 Commonality
Support ———————————- 0 Support
Care ————————————— Apathy
Interests ———————————- Disinterest
Libido ————————————- Anhedonia
Power ———————————— Helplessness
Direction ———————————- Aimlessness
Admiration ——————————– Contempt
Pride ————————————— Guilt
Health ————————————- Malaise/Disease
Coherence ——————————- Chaos
Inspiration ——————————- Torment
Belief ————————————- Dis-Belief
Personality Power ——————— Weakness of Will
Self-Concept ————————— Loss of self
Dreams ———————————- Loss of dreams
Fantasy ———————————- Loss of fantasy
Vision ———————————— Blurry
Known ———————————– Unknown
Ground ———————————- Groundless Abyss
Goodness ——————————- Cruelty
Consciousness ————————- Unconsciousness
Imagination —————————– Flatness
Pleasure ——————————— Pain
Ease ————————————- Stress
Becoming —————————— Being
Humor ———————————– Loss of Humor
Safety ———————————– Fear

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