Everyone is a spark of divine creation and inspiration

The divine spark of creation is everywhere in all living things which is what animates them, makes them do all kinds of things with divine inspiration.
Divine inspiration is what animates all of us.
Everything is moving because of that.
A child for example, is filled with divine inspiration OR awareness of potential.
We are all creation of divine inspiration. We are willed to exist here by divine will.
Once this divine presence and spark is found, nothing else is ever needed in life.
After all, we falsely try to find the source essence outwards, when in reality it is found entirely inwards.
Death is only the fading of this divine spark away from the creation object’s current state and into a potential, which results in the transmutation of the creation object. When death happens, not the physical, but at the ego level, then the divine spark of creation is withdrawn and moved to contemplation, as a result the old creation object loses its power to exist, it starts changing slowly and the old object fades away and is replaced by the transformed object.
There is no death, only change.
A radical change we call death.
Just like the law ‘Energy is neither created nor destroyed, the total energy of the universe is constant (and infinite)’
Nothing ever dies, there is only infinite change in the same ineffable substance of consciousness.
There is also the divine spark present in the contemplation.
The spark in that case turns itself inward to find its way back to the source from the creation object.
So in a sense, our nature (God’s presence) never leaves us, because that is consciousness itself.
In a way, nothing is created, nothing is destroyed.
There is only endless infinite transformation in consciousness. Like the Ouroboros snake.
The substance of consciousness is not an object but an ineffable infinite.
To be the substance of consciousness is to be the infinite.
The sleep every night refreshes you for 1 day.
The sleep of death refreshes you for an entire lifetime.
So its refreshing quality would have to be atleast a million times of night sleep.
Imagine this sleep and its quality.
The experience of divine inspiration to create. The creative impulse.
This could possibly be one of the greatest experiences possible.
To feel infinite potential directly.

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