More about chakras

The solar plexus chakra is human, our chakras spread from inanimate hardness to the fastest and subtle ecstasy. Lower chakras are slow moving. Lower = slower and more solid it is. The seat of the ego is the solar plexus. Higher wisdom is accessed from the faster moving higher chakras. Each higher chakra is the higher dimension. I have an attachment to the dimension of thought 6th. Where possibilities can be seen at warp speed. I do not seem to have interest in manifesting in the lower planes of relationships (2nd), ego(3rd) and physical (1st). So I literally live in my head, because my lower chakras are blocked, attachment to the thought dimension. As I surrender more and more I go to subtler and subtler chakras. Its like to reach the subtlest dimension, the gross planes must be surrendered. Only then can we put our attention on the finer vibrations. Like weed takes you to higher subtle plane. For each higher chakra, the lower is only its possibility. Starting with a single possibility at the bottom chakra to infinite possibility at the highest chakra. Hell down, heaven up, both creating each other’s existence in a duality.
There might be sub-human chakras below the root.
There might be higher than human chakras above the crown.
When your primary identification is with being human, the range of possibility is from the lowest chakra to the highest chakra i/e from one possibility to infinite possibility. The subtler chakras can manifest all of the gross as its possibilities. So the subtler/upper chakras are pervasive/percolated elements in all lower chakras. Getting taken over by lower chakras is literally like being taken over by the devil. Taken over by higher chakras is heavenly and a mystical experience. Because the higher chakras represent the highest infinity from which all other lower creations can happen as just ONE of its possibilities.
So the question is, in what frequency is your primary identification in? Truly as consciousness, your identity is in all chakras, because everything is ultimately consciousness and you are THAT. You may have identification with solar chakra and suffer from relationship issues in the sacral chakra. In that case, you are identified with being SO and SO, but since relationships are a problem(chakra clogged, stuck etc.), its impeding your identified chakra to function.
Whereas in my case, my identification is with the thought chakra, so all the lower chakras are a burden to the thought chakra. Because all of the lower chakras are progressively lower dimensions/narrower possibilities of thought. Like this whole notion of being human amidst the world is a kind of thought solidified and carries down to the lower chakras. So when identification is at the thought level or beyond thought level, everything below it is a PRISON or burden that has to released. My primary identification is CONSTRAINED by attachments and bondages in the lower chakras. From my earliest memories I have identified myself with the thought chakra and I saw this whole human being business initially interesting as it was a new form/possibility of thought which I could explore. That’s why in childhood until adolescence, I had a wonderful time exploring all the experiences in this possibility. But later what happened I had to deal with other people, and that is where problems started. Because they were identified at lower level chakras.
An powerful personality person who might be driven by wordly individuality success is identified with the solar chakra.
A powerful relationships person may have been identified with the relationship chakra.
Some might have identification with the physical root chakra and are thereby attracted by material objects as literally identity.
A person who is loving, compassionate, accepting, and open minded is identified with the heart chakra. He exists in the realm of a beautiful human.
Then we have the artist, the philosophical, the expressors of all arts in all senses, they are identitied with the throat chakra.
Then we have the explorers of thought itself like alan watts etc. the great independent maverick thinkers, plato, socrates, Jiddu K., carl jung etc. have their identification in the 6th chakra. I seem to have identification here or beyond.
Then even finer than that are people with identification with realms even finer than thought, where thought itself is just one of their possibility.
Their identification would be with the crown chakra, the 7th dimension of ‘INFINITY’.
For a 7-D human being, the earth life is all about withdrawing bondages from all other lower chakras. For example, he would buy a stable house to live with conveniences (root taken care of). So now he can harmonize it and then remove his active attention from this chakra.
Then he would have a good set of relationships, friends, family and variety, emotional food, to keep him satisfied (sacral taken care of). This would obviate his need to seek and worry about relationships and he can remove his active attention from this chakra.
Then he would define an identity that works well in the world, that can allow him to run the solar chakra on auto-pilot so that he could focus on the higher ones. He would harmonize the lower chakra so that it works effortlessly without his attention, and he can therefore withdraw his attention.
Then he would find things that he loves and keep exploring them side by side. Loving relationships and objects etc. This can satisfy his love side and he can harmonize this love chakra and then withdraw his attention.
Then he can find a medium of expression such as writing, painting, dancing, teaching others etc. and then satisfy the expressive need of the throat chakra. Harmonize it and then withdraw attention from it.
Then he can reach the realm of the THOUGHT chakra and then explore and relish the nature of various thoughts. Which is where I think I exist as.
Then later he can harmonize thought too and then move to even subtler realms than thought which might require him to sit still and still the emotions and still the thoughts, and then he could access this level of subtlety.
Greater level of subtlety requires more stillness from the lower chakras to access.
When I entered the world, I was a 6th chakra thought being, so I saw an insane amount of dis-harmony and I was overwhelmed by this human realm. I knew the solutions to all problems because all problems were ultimately just one of my possibilities.  One could speculate that a human takes birth in this plane with identifications progressively moving up chakra to chakra form birth to birth. So transcendence from being human is achieved when transitioning primary/secondary identification from probably 3rd solar to the 4th heart chakra. Because that is where identity is relinquished in favor of a greater embrace to a greater possibility. The transition from self to selfless.
Now there are primary identifications, as the ones I was talking about earlier. But there are also secondary identifications, which serve as bondages to the primary identification. You could have your primary identification in the thought chakra but have a secondary identification with sexual pleasure 2nd chakra say. Then your thought chakra is accordingly constrained severely by that. Because now it is not free, it is pulled by the 2nd chakra to a limited possibility to fulfill itself which is a bondage.
Translating information from higher chakras to lower chakras too is not easy if the lower chakras are stuck, blocked, there are too many secondary identifications which have not been let go etc. For example: You may have brilliant ideas in your thought chakra, and you may express it through writing using the throat chakra. But then to get it below the throat chakra may be difficult because the lower chakras are blocked/clogged/stuck/have secondary identifications and so on. Like maybe your 3rd chakra has held on to a certain identity relationship with others and this clogged 3rd chakra will not allow the throat chakra insights to manifest through itself or through your personality.
So I somewhat resent even being human, I wish I could exist without a body in the realms of THOUGHT freedom. Which is why the primary goal in my life is to free myself of bondage.
I am basically a thought being(6th chakra being) come here to live in the solar chakra existence of being a human. Its like playing a game on the computer like tomb raider.
Chakras basically differ in their speed of manifesation.
For example the slow manifestation of rocks, metals, earth solidity are the root chakra. Our physical body is the root chakra – take the lifetime of your body, how slowly you grow etc..
After the physical we have the sense of gross energy moving which is our stronger global emotions or mood. How fast does you overall mood change.
Then we have our identity which is subtler, faster moving than emotion, and pervades emotion operating at the 3rd. How fast do you perceive change of self w.r.t the world.
Then we have our heart chakra which is even broader than identity and allows us to go beyond loving our identity to loving other identity possibilities as well. A transition from self to selflessness. This is a faster moving chakra that the identity chakra – for example: how fast do you switch from loving one thing to another.
The we have even more subtle faster moving energy – changing at a high speed like take your speed of writing or talking, i.e. of expression of a feeling in finer energies like writing, painting, art etc. Music especially is a good example here, the speed of your perception of music.
Then we have the thought chakra which is wispy fast, slippery, very very changing from every milli second, which is basically the speed of thought.
Then even subtler than that, is our highest subtlest potential, subtler and faster than thought, and infinite possibility.
Solid chakra = root (hardest, 1 possibility) ———————————-(Finest, infinite possibility) Finer than gases
Each higher chakra percolates into all the lower chakras below it.
For example –
Solid contains WATER and GAS and ETHER in it
WATER contains GAS and ETHER in it.
GAS contains ETHER in it.
And so on.

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