All energy is basically ‘experience energy’ which is directly YOU

If all experience is the experience of energy
And if energy can be of infinite frequency range in a spectrum from grossest to subtlest
(infinity)Grossest ———————-<spectrum>————————–Subtlest(infinity)
And if all energy is essential MY FORM
Then MY IDENTITY is the — infinite potential force — behind all these energies.
My experience right now, is energy in a certain configuration.
What difference does it make what configuration energy(me) is in?
And if all experiences and emotions are a certain frequency of direct experience of energy – and if I am that energy itself and all its range, then what difference does anything make? Everything is me.
ALL possibilities, ALL emotions, ALL experience is me.
In-fact I can say, there is only experience energy at different vibratory frequencies in existence.
At every level or plane, in the spectrum from subtle to gross, there are infinite experiences possible.
Again it depends, where your identification experience energy is (gross or subtle), and where the remaining experience energy configuration (subtle or gross) is.
If your identification experience energy is with the subtle, but your remaining experience energy is with the gross, then your goal will be to free yourself from the gross to find freedom.
In case, your identification experience energy is gross, but the remaining energy configuration is subtle, you would only distinctly aware of your grossness, like in sitting meditation, say you feel your body as a solid energy but almost nothing else, you might feel possibly scared or terror.
Ego is the conditional invisible matrix that accepts a narrow band of energy points and rejects the rest.
The ego is basically conditional love and everything else is a threat to it.
The God/Overself is all the points in the entire spectrum and planes. It is unconditional love for everything.
When the ego fades away, there is only God left.
The ego is a temporary being that God dreams up and then returns to himself.
Life being an ego is exactly like experience in a dream. You think you need to do x,y,z or that x,y,z is this and that. But when you wake up all of it was dreamed up and not true. Its similar to that.

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