There is no ABSOLUTE point of view

All movement is mutual.
This can be clearly seen only from a detached point of view.
Because if you yourself are standing on one of the moving balls
then your view is only relative to your position.

Its like saying, stars revolve around earth,
when standing at the earth.
But when standing outside the solar system,
it seems like planets revolve around the sun etc.

They both are valid from their points of view
Except that the full knowledge that ‘All points of view are relative and equal possibilities’.

In other words, true knowledge is that
Everything is only an appearance,
No thing has any individual separate essence
All things share the same essence
And this shared essence is ‘Nothing’
The absolute truth is nothing.

And all appearances are valid from their respective point of view
And the appearances from all points of view are equivalent
And one can move from one to another and still be whole, complete and equally real.
However, you do see the entirety of the appearance
Along with the knowledge of ‘Nothing is essence’.

So the absolute truth may be ‘ever changing appearances with having nothing as essence or the essence is a mysterious infinite possibility’.

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