Thought and Imagination cannot take you to the source

Your thought and imagination cannot take you to the source
Because it is one more layer above the source
Surrendering, stopping, letting go is the only way
Doing the above with clear understanding
Drop all effort whatsoever
Let everything effortlessly happen
See clearly that all experience is insubstantial
See that the notion of a separate self is a baggage
An unconscious holding on
Make it conscious- ask questions
what is desiring?
what is aversive?
what is suffering?
what is uncomfortable?
Contrast that with pure knowing
All the extra dense energy layer of experience over the effortless knowing is the ‘held onto accumulated ego’
The ego is the baggage burden cause of suffering
Ego is the separate self
Find if the ‘separate self’ is the origin of any thought or emotion and see its baggage like nature, its unreality
Nothing can threaten me just like any movie played cannot threaten the screen
All thought thinking imagination emotion is a layer above bliss and therefore obscures it.
Activity in thought emotion should stop for bliss to be experienced
Bliss is always there just obscured by thought emotion
Keep seeing this nature of all experience until everything is relaxed dissolved and known as the same substance.

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