The flip flop of patterns in generations, and why seeking goes on forever

We perceive what was not given
what we lacked –> and we give that to our kids
For example:
If you were poor – you try to give your kids all the luxuries
If you were uncared for – you try to give out more care
If you could not study because of lack of opportunity – you give all the opportunities to your kids.
So its like a sine wave of duality or an endless flip-flopping from generation to generation
Say, if we use a simplistic analogy
Its like vanilla and chocolate ice-cream.
If I give vanilla icecream to my kids, they will feel the lack of chocolate.
If I give chocolate icecream to my kids, they will feel the lack of vanilla.
If I give both chocolate and vanilla, then they would lack the fullness of either , and therefore seek that
In other words, the only way out of lack is transcendence.
Because the system has been created to go on forever, like a rotating wheel, a pendulum
Which simply moves you from one limitation to another limitation
One lack to another lack
One object to another object
But never the infinite
Because you cannot be the infinite as long as you are an object
No matter how great, big, awesome that object might be
(Infinity) – object = What the object lacks, which by infinity math is again an (infinity)
So as long as you are an object (no matter what its size and expanse is), you will have infinite lack
Which will propel infinite seeking

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