Interesting things about Love

I realized some very interesting things about love
Firstly self = = love…there is no difference
What you call yourself is basically the reality you love
Also love is not necessarily for something pleasant or unpleasant or simplistic classifications like that.
For example:
You can love – messed up ppl
You can love – being with messed up ppl and then hating them, that whole dynamic
You can love – being isolated in a group and feeling alien
You can love – getting subjugated by others, acting like a slave, and then trying to run away from them
You can love – finding a stronger opponent and getting beaten by him/her, and the bitter aggressive defeat that happens post that event
You can love – finding a weak person and then constantly messing with them, and bullying them, and all such patterns
You can also love – hating yourself
Bottomline, the concept of love is much vaster than we think
All kinds of things can be loved
So basically an expansion of this ‘love’ to a transcendental height,
where all of reality is loved and accepted, a total YES to everything
IS enlightenment
Self == Love == Identification, because, that is the very reason you even identify yourself with that
Out of all of the infinite reality entering you,
the narrow set of experience possibilities you hold on to, is because of love/identification/self
Each person loves different things
If each person is a venn diagram – circle
There are various venn diagram circles with small overlaps, big overlaps and so on
But transcendence is like one super circle that encompasses all these smaller venn diagram circles
love diagram

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