Your prison walls are made up of the very ‘THINGS’ you are avoiding.

Your prison walls are made up of the very ‘THINGS’ you are avoiding. You are always keeping the ‘THINGS you are avoiding’ in awareness and then later using your mind dedicatedly to avoid those things. The -(-1) situation.-(-1) is NOT EQUAL to +1. They are 2 different realities.

The game which I am trapped in is about: How to Avoid ‘X’

I am always living and will live in fear, even if I successfully avoid ‘X’ completely, because even if I successfully avoid ‘X’, ‘X’ would still be there in my awareness which is the root problem. And funnily, me trying to avoid ‘X’, somehow paradoxically brings me much more of ‘X’. When analyzed deeper it is not a paradox at all, because my belief that ‘X’ is real always stays in the subconscious and the subconscious will obviously retain what you think is real, all the time. That is the reason the experience repeats itself again and again.

The way out of this is to first understand that ‘Nothing is real’, after that, it is a question of shifting deeply from a -(-1) mindset to a +1 mindset. Now after this is done, further transcendence can be achieved when you see ‘Everything is self, and you have never left it EVER for eternity’. That can bring about total peace.

 There are 2 operations here in this algorithm:
1. Keep X in awareness
2. Avoid X by using all your mental and emotional faculties.
The delusion is that: I think ‘X’ is real, even if its out of sight. But how is what is out of sight even real, unless I hold on. So this means, I am holding on to ‘X’ firstly, and holding on to the interpretation of ‘X’ as bad, and then holding on to the interpretation that ‘I must escape from ‘X”. I want another reality ‘Y’ which is not there, only ‘X’ is there (because I have held on to it).

So I hide until ‘X’ goes away. Another person can have the same reality structure with only the last element being different. So then, instead of hiding or dissociating from ‘X’, the person tries to beat the ‘X’ out of the other person (say X is an undesirable quality in the other person).

So then the 2 people have more or less the same reality by en-large but in the first case, one hides/dissociates from the other, and in the second case, one attacks/tries to manipulate the other. But the end motive is the same, ‘I WANT TO GET RID of ‘X’. Which is in turn based on believing that X is a reality (it is not really real at all in truth), X is bad (There is no inherent good or bad besides the quality you choose to project).

Regarding the ‘I must get rid of ‘X’, that is just an unnecessary violence against the energy form that your consciousness has taken. Firstly all appearances are YOU, so that energy form is ‘YOU’. Secondly, that energy form is persisting precisely because you are holding on to it and fighting it to get rid of it. It is a ludicrous game where you create your own tiger and then try to fight the tiger to death. This game is unconscious, and once we get conscious of it we can see how ludicrous it is.
Question all the beliefs that I have outlined above and set yourself free from this avoidance, controlling, manipulation, lashing out, dissociation and so on.

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