Loving the overself is loving everything

The projection we can have for all things is either LOVE or THREAT (fear)
‘Exclusive love’ is suffering because everything else becomes a threat to the loved object
Addictive drugs are one of the most dangerous exclusive love
But so is highly exclusive love of any kind
Because such a love can make everything else a threat
When you love the entirety of overself with 0 attachments
Then, you would never leave the state of love
Because there is nothing but the overself
So you love everything
The more threats you have in your experience
Less is your love, and more is your ‘poverty of love’
The ego holds the divine love energy hostage and releases it conditionally
Only based on what it conditionally loves
Everything else apart from what it loves is a threat to it
Dark night:
When the ego loves nothing
(maybe when it realizes
that there is nowhere to go,
nothing to do,
no way to win,
how it in itself is the hindrance)
Then it withholds ALL of the divine love energy as hostage
And releases nothing outside of itself
Because it realizes nothing can give it what it wants
The entirety of the overself has now become a threat to it/entirely unwanted
It is utterly disinterested/averse to EVERYTHING
You lose ALL your interests, I really mean ALL, including the desire to even live
Everything just keeps going on by habit, but inwardly, you are inside a dark cloud
This is a period of great deprivation or dark night
At this stage, all of the divine light is captured by the ego
It lets nothing out
Life is a struggle
Because everything appears threatening/undesirable
But yet survival is constantly grating on you
With 100’s of undesirable things to do
Then gradually the ego understands the predicament
It surrenders and dissolves itself in understanding
And then releases the divine light through it again
This time much more unconditionally than before

3 Replies to “Loving the overself is loving everything”

  1. I think we can also live in the context of potential threat / potential love … not really embodying either, but being in a sort of limbo state. You recognize that both have the potential to exist outside of you in any particular situation.
    You can be in the state of not knowing for sure which one is manifesting, or, even, how much of each one is present at the same time. You can also be in a state where you recognize that, for example, a threat (what is perceived as negative energy) exists, but this is not permanent – there is still always the possiblity for love (positive energy) to come into the space. So, you are feeling the threat, but also at the same time set your mind to focus on a possible manifestation of positive energy (whether because you don’t accept or outright reject the existence of whatever you feel threatened by, or that you recognize that your perception of a threat could be wrong..a misinterpretation by your mind, or it being an active attempt at changing the atmosphere)

    What do you think? Do you think we always exist in either a state of fear or a state of love, that can change moment to moment, or can we have elements of both?
    Does our actual state differ in any way from our projections?

  2. All individuals exist in a state of fear, absolutely speaking. Because the fact that you call yourself an individual itself, implies, there is a ‘non-individual’ or ‘outside’ that can threaten the individual. The individual is essentially a set of frozen very subtle beliefs about identity (who they are). This belief then spawns the personality desires(what they want) and aversions(what they dont want).
    So this identification, creates a fundamental baggage, a fundamental fear. But overlaying this primary fear, secondary fear and love can exist. When the environment is non-threatening and an interest, fascination grips you, you might get temporarily enthralled or be in total involvement or love. This is an experience, all individuals keep trying to find/seek (i.e. a transcendence of their own individuality when they get lost into an object so much that they temporarily lose themselves and therefore the fear too). But nevertheless, such experiences are quite fleeting and rare.

    Speaking about interpretation, interpretation is also an OBJECT in awareness. A very subtle object. ‘Thoughts’ are subtle objects too. But interpretation colors everything, so it is a very pervasive and subtle object.

    To give an analogy, imagine you are sitting in the car of life. imagine if your eyes are your true self, then interpretation is like the colored glasses you wear. Lets say thoughts are the colored window glasses of your car. And all the objects on the road like street lights, other cars, other people outside your car, are the external world. So ultimately if your wearing pink glasses, then your whole world will look pink (interpretation). Your car windows if black, blue, green, yellow, you will see through pink+blue OR pink+black OR pink+green OR pink+yellow and then finally look at the outside world of various colors through these glasses+windows. So if you look at a green lamppost, through the yellow window and wearing pink glasses, you will see – PINK+YELLOW+GREEN as the object.

    Ok now, that I have clarified that even interpretation and thoughts are objects, let me move ahead.
    So from what you have written I understand, you are many a times in a limbo between fear and love and you are never sure of what you are even experiencing, maybe love has a flavor of fear, and fear has a flavor of love? haha, both are true in a way. And I guess you also mention that your mind could be misinterpreting, and if your interpretation is changing moment to moment, you are never sure of even what’s happening? So essentially you have an ‘existential despair’ of being unable to trust your own perceptions because you see how changeable it is. So this despair is like your foundational stress, a foundational doubt that keeps you confused and insecure. Over that deep insecurity, you have other stuff you do like sensing fear or love, manipulating your thinking to change fear to love or love to fear. It seems like your utterly lost, confused, groundless, in existential despair about what to stand on?

    So your task now, which would solve all your problems would be to find the ‘nothingness’ ground of existence. Then you’ll feel like you’ve touched your true home for the first time.

    Lets break it down, you need to see your interpretations and thoughts as objects too, as clearly, distinctly and separately as you are seeing physical objects around you.
    You can project fear or love even towards an interpretation.
    You can project fear or love towards an emotion (another object).
    You can project fear or love towards a thought.
    You can project fear or love towards a physical object (which is also a kind of thought :)).

    So you see, projections are deeper than you think.
    If you wish to end fear, you have to surrender your identity to the effortless reality and LIVE AND BE the overself.
    Then when you have nothing to lose, there would be no fear and you will radiate love ONLY.
    Ultimately all creation is love, that includes fear. Love when distorted through delusion (belief of being an ego) becomes fear.

    Hope this answer helped you :).

  3. It’s interesting to see interpretations being described as objects; it makes sense. It’s more easy to see how thoughts can be tools and not a direct part of the experience, but your interpretations are more subtle, like you said. I guess I was getting toward that by describing some instances in which interpretation wouldn’t be so solid. It can be a tool as well, specifically, to keep fear from manifesting in your self.
    By the way all those examples I gave weren’t particularly pertaining to me personally. When I began exercising this regulation, so to say, this conscious influence of my experience, I did not feel confused, but I felt like I knew what I was doing. Actually I discovered that it made me feel very confident and assured and joyful. I felt transcendent, on a higher plane. It seems to me to be a correct interpretation of reality that manifestation from moment to moment is limitless and that there are boundless ways to interpret things
    The recognition that what others were projecting was simply one of a many possible manifestations of reality, did help me experience it as less concrete, or legitimate. Projections and thoughts might be even more solid than actual ‘reality’.
    Something that I am reminded of is a previous realization I had of myself that I had tended to view others’ manifestations as very real and solid…like walls that you can’t necesarily get around. Here’s an exerpt I found from a past conersation with someone else: “I’m just beginning to understand how seriously I took everything.I’m such a bizarre person. Especially any kind of social interaction…..or situation in which I might be observed in any way…. as if everybody else’s perception was just as real and intentional and important as my own, even tho i may disagree with how they saw things. It was there like a physical object, and I didn’t have much of a right to interfere with it. But that’s not how other people see things I don’t think..”
    The way I experienced others’ manifestations into reality was that of energy, and I recognized that there were certain thought processes behind it, but still, they felt to me to have a lot of substance. I did feel to an extent powerless against them; to me, they were there in actuality with an almost physical form, creating an atmosphere. Yeah…I think people can agree to how an atmosphere is created in this way. I’m exceptionally susceptible to the wavelengths others operate on and the energy it creates, from my observations.

    So, as you are saying, our natural state is love, when we don’t have an affiliation with identity. When we impose an identity on ourselves, there is always a fear there. Interesting. Without fear there, it makes me think of the words openness and acceptance. With that, there is more patience and willingness. I’m just describing my interpretation of love. So that delves into my question of whether it is possible to exist in a state of both fear and love, to varying degrees. At least to me, that implies that there always exists an underlying state of love….but it could be latent; if so, then it exists in a state of possible love. Or, as you are describing, a fear (that comes from our ego) can be overlayed upon it, distorting the love; intermingling perhaps? This becomes a love that is not pure. Or is it that the love is totally obscured and fear is operating upon its grounds? Can love even function if not in a pure form? Orrr is it that you either operate from your ego self or your overself? Your overself is the state in which you’re not totally caught up in what you perceive reality to be, right? As in, when in that mode of operandi, you are not feeling like you are subject to what seems to be manifesting around you at the tme being?

    Allright, so, treat interpretation, as well as thought, as actual substance. Anything that has the power to influence your state of being has substance. That is, at least, the perception of substance.
    To further ramble down a rabbit’s trail, and introduce some ideations that just made an appearance in my mind, that which has the power to influence your emotional state, you will find that same kind of substance within the state of your being. That is, your state of being and that which is perhaps having a negative effect on it, are made of the same substance. As with those factors which are having a positive influence on your state; these and the state you are in are of the same substance, are in sync.

    Oh very astute observation to make, that we can project love or fear toward not only what we perceive to be there, but toward our emotional reactions, thoughts and interpretations (which I guess would be second-guessing yourself, or maybe denying an interpretation not because you don’t believe it but because you don’t want to face it)

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