About the Overself WINDS pulling at the Chains of Ego (Illustration)

Imagine a desert like sahara desert.
Imagine there are 100 posts with 100 dogs tied to them, with a chain.
Let’s say the ego is = all the 100 dogs.
The dog’s main mission is to do things within the chains, but ensure that the post does not get plopped off from the ground by external forces.
The external forces is the overself (God’s Karma, which is outside our control).
Now imagine there is an enormous wind. So all the 100 dogs have to struggle to hold on.
Life is a struggle for them until this wind stops.

Imagine now, the wind is so extreme, that one by one, dogs give up and get blown off by the wind. The wind makes it a struggle to maintain the identification. So as you surrender the dogs one by one to the high speed wind, you get dis-identified from those dogs, you let go of them and their tethering post (belief). You start to partially identify with the wind now at this stage.

Eventually all 100 dogs fly away in the wind.
That is total freedom or transcendence. Now the identity shifts from the ego (100 dogs) to the wind itself (overself).


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