The only thing we love is our own essence

My feelings of attraction are not actually for the object (that is only an appearance), but rather, the object triggers the feelings of attraction. I love the feeling induced by the object and the object by itself has no essence apart from the essence I project on it. All objects are empty props and it is me who projects my essence of them, and then believing it is the object’s essence. A phenomenon of externalization of my own essence (projected).

The object may or may not induce the same feelings, and the mapping of objects to feelings keeps on changing. That is why it is an illusion or Maya. Because then nothing is what it appears to be. The appearances are constantly changing, because the essence mappings are constantly shifting and dancing. The objects get mapped to my feelings (my essence) and we think, getting the object will give us the corresponding feelings because the essence of the object is that feeling. But rather its more like, that object triggers that feeling (may or may not) and that feeling or any other feeling is your essence, not the object’s essence. Also since, the triggered feelings are ever changing, when the change is observed closely in direct experience (and not as frozen mental concepts, like, I love this person, as if love is some kind of unchanging feeling you constantly have for the other, it is just ‘Low sampling rate’ to think that, a generalized concept lacking subtlety, a blanket statement, like saying, all animals are aggressive or something as blanket as that) we can see that our real essence is the infinite.

When we realize that, everything we have ever experienced as others, outside, other people, surroundings, universe, was all in reality our own essence, we project  the self-love to everything. The reason we do not do that now is because, we reserve the emotion of pure love to only our concept of ourselves (which is akin to saying, I am only my thumb and I only love my thumb, the rest of the body is not me).

The light is always shining bright, but our darkness is self created, because we are not open to the moment of direct experience. Open yourself fully to the direct experience fire of life and the ecstasy would be revealed.

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