Life is a TV screen

Lets say, life is a TV screen, and based on what I saw on the TV screen I collected some portions of it as me, as my nature, and ever since then I’ve been trying to protect those parts.

But once I realize that the contents of the TV screen is all that there is, everything has the same essence i.e. pixels of that screen, then I let go of all I was holding on, on the screen.

Also what the contents are going to be, is not determined by the previous content but the TV signal itself, which is an unknowable mystery.

Imagine you were sealed from the world, and always shown only one kind of channel/movie again and again, you would start to think that is real right? You might build a complex reality structure by observing the patterns you witnessed. But what if later, I changed your TV signal and you started getting 100s of channels with extremely varied content? What would be your reaction? What would happen to the old reality you had created and held based on everything you saw in that one channel?

Lets say Shiva is pure awareness – the witness of the screen and Prakriti is the dancer – the mover of the screen contents. So the idea is to surrender control/let go to prakriti to create ecstasy, and STAY/REMAIN/BE as Shiva – the pure awareness of everything in the screen.

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