Even comparative elements (like intensity, size, distance, difference) are quality objects in the Consciousness Screen

When we see a red object, we think the quality of the object is red.
We associate the redness to be a quality intrinsic to the object.
But is this really so?
The object surface has absorbed all the other colors of light and only reflects red.
Also if I shine an entirely different light color on it
I get a different reflected color
Like say I shine blue light on an otherwise red object in white light
Then the object reflects a darker blue.
So what is the REAL color of the object?
Darker blue or red?
It depends on the kind of light I shine on it.
We could say the nature of the object observed
Depends upon the light of the observer
But now we are still assuming that the light comes from the observer and thereby evokes the quality of objects
(the object intrinsically is infinite, it can assume any quality depend on the kind of light you project on it)
But the light does not come from the observer, rather it shines through the observer and illuminates the observer himself
Another issue with this imagination however, is that, we feel like it is in time
That the light actually flows from a point A to point B or through point A to point B
Point A being the observer, to point B being the observed
But then in our observation the 2 phenomena happen instantaneously
The observer and the observed
Just like how a dream materializes instantaneously and not in sequential steps.
Also does the observer have any control on the light emitted through him?
From practical experience, it seems like ‘yes’, but the observer can only change the quality of light
But not provide the light itself.
What provides the light itself?
That light which is outside of time and space
Which allows you to even perceive time and space as its possibilities
Is the transcendent light.
Total energy of the universe is constant.
Total experience/qualitative space is constant.
We are always that infinite screen
All comparative qualities are also objects in the screen
In other words, all comparative qualities are also ‘Qualities’ on the screen
Like distance, length, size, intensity etc.
But the screen is always shining the same intensity of awareness
Its only the objects that change
But the essence of the screen as awareness is constant.

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