Time and Space do not Absolutely Exist

Time and space exist only in relativity.
In the absolute, there is no time or space.
Time and Space are mental constructs
And exist as mental constructs
Just like any other concept
Like say the concept of a Dog.
How do you know what a ‘Dog’ is?
How do you construct such a concept?
Time and Space are gigantic global concepts in our mental world
Almost like the foundation over which we build all other concepts
It is like part of the bootstrap code in your OS
Time and space are the broadest mental mega-abstractions
we use to build all of our other abstract mental concepts over
It is serving as the foundation for all of our other mental constructs
Time and Space, is only as real/unreal as distance, latitude, longitude, speed and so on.
Let’s go down to the simplest definition.
Time is the distance between 2 changing states in an object
Space is the distance between 2 objects
So lets take their spectrums:
Let PO = perceivable object
Space continuum – ∞ ————–|PO A|——-<Space concept>———|PO B|———————- ∞
Time continuum – ∞ —————-|PO state A|————-<Time concept>————-|PO state B|———— ∞
Just like in geometry we have axioms and the whole of geometry is build over those axioms
Similarly, Time and Space is the axiom for almost the entirety of our mental reality.
Without defining those 2 points of the continuum, the abstractions of time and space cannot exist
So a kind of primary duality/separation/discretization/division is needed before time and space concepts can even exist.
So this duality/separation comes first
It is prior to time and space, and the time and space concepts in fact depend on that.
Which is why, once all separation is ceased, we enter the non-dual reality
Where there is no TIME or SPACE because the condition over which such a concept can exist itself is not there.
It is like, if you go prior to the axioms of geometry, geometry would no longer exist, because its foundation has been penetrated
So ‘physical reality’ exists because of discretization/objectification of the space continuum.
‘Time’ exists because of discretization of object states (using our memory).
Memory is TIME. No memory = no time. Without memory, every moment would be new.
Its easy to see how with no memory, you cannot compare 2 objects states and therefore you would be unable to have 2 reference points on the ‘change continuum’ to create the abstract concept of time.
Interesting, No memory = No space
This is because for space, I need to see the world as objects
How do I see objects? the object has to demonstrate continued essence in time
The ‘continued essence’ in time, becomes the object.
Like say I see a car moving, I notice that even in my changing field of experience, I notice the essence of the car (size, shape, color) not changing, but I see it changing position. So then my object becomes the unchanging part.
Therefore, to even perceive objects I need memory
And object perception is needed, before space can be perceived (a minimum of 2 objects)
Therefore no memory also implies no space.
We basically bit- the universe and discretize it into objects/concepts
This creates the fabric of our mental world
But in truth the universe is analog, continuous and infinite

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