Who am I?

I am the prime mover force that moves all of existence
All appearances move because of the force that I am.
I am that unknowable force itself.

All movement that I witness is my movement.
The movement of my hand is the same substance as a bird flying at a distance.
One happens without my personal will – the bird flying
Another one uses personal will energy – moving my hand
But I AM AWARE of both.
They are only different appearances of the same substance.
It takes much more effort to move my body than to watch a bird fly.
But effort OR no-effort, is still an appearance.

Its like you are playing a video game
To move the main character, you will have to press a lot of buttons on the joystick controller (requires your control, effort)
In the video game however, the monster characters which you have to kill move by themselves (without your control, effort)
But from the perspective of the LCD screen on which you are playing, both your main character and the monster are both are equivalent entities right?
Now, even this analogy falls quite short of what I am trying to describe.
Because here, you are separate from the LCD screen and using a joystick/keyboard that is also separate from the LCD.
Imagine you, the joystick and the TV were inside a larger TV screen, that would be FAR closer to what I am trying to describe.
Like the screen behind the screen watching not only the screen but also you and the joystick controller and all your actions.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.40.09 AM

Its like shifting from first person view to the third person view in a game. In the first person view, you see what the character sees. In the 3rd person view, you not only see what the character sees, you also see the full character.

3 Replies to “Who am I?”

  1. In the above diagram, by psyche elements I was referring to memory, internalized patterns, knowledge and so forth, everything that you would apply on that smaller screen(outer world).

    Yea, even this diagram falls short quite a bit in terms of describing the ultimate vision. If I were to add to the analogy its more like, the objective is particular crystallized version of the subjective. Its like if we say clay is subjective, then hardening of that clay into a stone like item like a cup etc. is objective. So all objective is only a particular hardened subjective. So I would say the movement towards ultimate reality is movement towards the subjective (ultimate subjectivity). For example, we say science is objective, but science is resting on some axioms. Science is a particular kind of philosophy among many. If you question the assumptions of science then your consciousness broadens into philosophy. Philosophies themselves rest of a certain kind of language based reasoning and logic. If you question those aspects, you get into the realms of pure thought. If you question the nature of thought itself, then you get into the mystical/spiritual dimensions and so forth until you reach the ultimate subjectivity.

    So coming back to the diagram, maybe a more accurate description would be a lens, looking into another lens, looking into another lens…..and so on. So if one of your inner lenses is colored, then all the lenses further down the line would get colored too. Its like the hierarchy of influence or something.

  2. Yeah it seems like you could keep the first style but just have the boxes of psyche overlapping the inner screen to show that they can be put to both uses?! Interesting that you used the word subjective. I would have the impulse to switch the usage of subjective/objective and say that the screen is the ultimate objectivity instead of subjectivity at first thought. I like the analogy of clay. Hardened, condensed, solidified, identified vs. fluid, expansive, non-identified.

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