What is guilt

Guilt is a thought about ‘what should be’, vs. ‘what is’
If you drop the ‘what should be’ and stay with ‘what is’, guilt will end

Because ‘what should be’, is a certain hardened concept of ‘What once was’ which has not been let go
And thereby stored as an empty mental concept
So it is not in line with direct experience
If everything is changing, then ‘The what once was’ is now a different ‘What is’
So holding on to the ‘What once was’ as a mental concept
And imposing that in the BRAND NEW present moment induces guilt

Guilt is basically feeling something THAT you are not supposed to feel.
Which is ridiculous! WHAT IS is WHAT IS.

The magnetic gravity towards being ‘What should be’, from the ‘What is’, is experienced as the guilt/fear force.

Guilt and Fear are energetically almost the same. Both are an attention hijack.
If you really wanted to be ‘what should be’ i.e. If you really believe in ‘What should be’, then you would happily push towards that. You might be successful or unsuccessful (which might cause some pain). However, overall, your purpose and direction are still undisturbed. This might be the case in childhood, where you buy whatever values your parents give you and not question it. Your efforts are simply to live up to whatever they have told you. You might at most be sad that you cannot live up to what should be, and keep trying.

But now lets come to the DARK NIGHT case:
But in case the ‘What should be’ belief is removed by intense introspection and abstract thinking(subtle energy spectrum), but however the existing karma machinery(grosser energy spectrum) is still there, then you are compelled by the machine/karma/force of habit(subtle energy is bullied by the gross energy).

The machine generates an enormous force towards ‘what should be’, but you resist it because you start to doubt the machine itself. You see the machine as a spirit possessor, COERCION, slavery, tyranny, an uncontrollable force of your own mind. So your subtle energy generates enormous resistance towards the pull of guilt feelings and that creates ENORMOUS ENERGETIC SUFFERING.

Its like you are forced to run a foreign/cancerous OS(conditioned beliefs) on your native hardware (true beliefs). The more the rift between the 2, the more ABJECT the suffering. You see the FALSE CANCER like OS as an outside entity which has possessed you and unfairly controlling you in-spite of all your struggle.

You are held by invisible rubber bands creating tension whenever you try to move/or are moved away from the designated areas. So basically if you are running an O.S. which you HAVE LOST BELIEF IN, to the extent the O.S. is out of line with your true beliefs, to THAT EXTENT, this FALSE OS will TORMENT you in its restrictive confines.

It is similar to being possessed by a ghost that is using you for its will, and suppressing your true will constantly.

The way out (IMO):

First the invisible rubber bands like walls of this false OS has to be mapped out (like the maze runner movie), its an energetic exploration. Then the beliefs responsible for those walls has to be examined and penetrated and finally mastered, overcome and transcended.

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