Falsity of attributing CAUSE to the past

Now this notion of habit, investment, and ‘your past determining your present’ is a giant delusion that can lead you to a thinking pattern 180 deg opposed to the truth. We think we are held down by the weight of our habits and the gravity of them. The truth is EXACTLY the reverse of that. We have got it backwards.

The WHY QUESTION for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING is a mystery and unknown, just like you cannot conclude where a ship will go by analyzing the wake of the ship in the water. You can make any kind of complex theory of where the ship is going to turn next by looking at the trails it leaves on the water, but where the SHIP IS ACTUALLY going to turn, totally depends on the driver, and I’m basically saying, this driver is UNKNOWN to us. So where the ship has been previously as seen in the trail of water (analogy for our past/memories) is NOT AT ALL a cause for the current direction of the ship’s movement.


We believe in this (as 99.9999% do) and that causes this particular fractal manifestation of experience in our awareness.

The TRUE CAUSE of EVERYTHING past, present and future is a mystery. But we answer why questions using the past (memory). For example: We may say, I am like this, because of my childhood etc. Well the childhood experience memory is not the CAUSE of what you are NOW. The CAUSE is always the UNKNOWN MYSTERY.

Its more like a fundamental core belief of ‘my past determines my future’ that causes this, which is totally untrue. If we believe this, then our experience follows accordingly and like a self fulfilling prophecy we find more and more convincing stories to explain the present (the more intelligent you are – the more intricate and complex your story is), but its all ENTIRELY an illusion.

Explaining the ‘Why’ question by looking at the past is doing it backwards and is absolutely untrue. If you believe this about the nature of cause-effect then you are living a life chained and burdened by your past, falsely believes that ‘THE PAST IS THE CAUSE OF YOUR PRESENT’. It is all a story we buy into and 99.99999% of people support us in this myth and accordingly that creates this particular fractal manifestation of experience or this particular VIDEO GAME nature in our awareness. This belief runs that video game.

If you think the past is you and believe your story, that is precisely the burden you are carrying. In other words, nothing in your memory is YOU. Nothing that is happening to you right now is YOU either. YOU ARE ‘UNDEFINED, UNKNOWN, MYSTERY’.

How can the creator be his creation? The creator is the creator of everything and it is unknowable because only creation can be known. It is like you make a pot and say ‘ahh I am the pot, dont destroy the pot, because that would destroy me’, wouldn’t that be ridiculous? That’s exactly what we have done.

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