About Karma

Karma is action.
Action is Inevitable.
Even non-action is action
And all action is obviously action.
Karma is therefore unavoidable.
Karma is inevitable.

Now there is God’s action/karma
And YOUR action/karma
God’s karma is the ocean
Your karma is like a wave on the surface of this ocean

Our karma is a smaller wave
Riding on the larger wave which is God’s karma
Even our karma is actually God’s karma only
But I’m separating the 2 just for purposes of description

We could think of God’s karma as our initial conditions
OR everything that happens to us
And our karma as all action we do from the standpoint of being a person
Our karma is actions we do with the personality power and energy given to us

This personality karma returns to God’s original karma
Once its potential period is over
Just like a wave arises and passes into the ocean

Now we are aware of what we mean by personal karma
Or actions done by our personal will
The thoughts we think, where we direct our attention, what tendencies we encourage
Now, the question might be, what is God’s Karma?

God’s karma is everything that happens without your control
For example, the existence of YOU itself is God’s karma
Just like the existence of an ocean wave, is from the ocean’s will

Think about the questions, why do YOU exist as this person?
Why does the earth exist? Why do other people exist?
Why do the mountains exist? Why does the external world exist?
Why do dreams exist? Why do we sleep? Why do we have these physical laws?
Why do we have day/night? light/dark? Why do we have duality?
Why do have civilization, society? Why do we have all these living creatures and objects?
Why do we have any kind of concepts or mental models?
Why do we have desire, emotions? Why have THIS something instead of nothing?
Why do we have space, time? Why past, present, future? Why is everything in motion?
Why do we have death, sickness, suffering?

The answer to all of the above is that, it is God’s karma.
Ironically, the fact that I am asking all these questions means
My personal karma is doing the action of contemplation about God’s karma
Which is again ultimately God’s karma, because God created everything including the personal karma
Its an interesting loop

Now all karma has gravity.
What you invest in grows, where you put your attention
That part grows, is reinforced, is encouraged, is cultivated, is nurtured.
Everything is an investment.
Investment is inescapable.
Even non-action is an investment.
Even action is an investment.
This is exactly akin to the gravity in Space
Just like Stars, revolve around Milky way, planets revolve around a star, and moon’s around planets
There is gravity everywhere
Similarly, karmic energy has gravity
For example, if I invest all my attention in an activity for a long time
I will create a giant perpetually growing investment in that direction
For example someone like Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson
All my life would get structured around that, if something consumed all my attention for a long time
That gravity would subsequently attract more and more of that stuff

This does not have to be positive
I can invest all my energy in patterns that create very unpleasant experiences
And those could have the same degree of gravity as a pleasant experience pattern
I could spend all my life, chasing my tail and create such a strong gravity for it
Such that, I would spend most of the day doggedly running after my tail with more and more fervor.

However this personal karmic energy is given to us by God to play with
So it can just as easily be withdrawn from us and we slowly lose interest.
Ability is what is acquired after a sustained period of interest, attention and growth.
But if the karmic energy is withdrawn by God, you can no longer continue to do that action.

Generally, the rule is, your highest excitement or highest pleasure happens
When you clearly see your greatest potential and act on it.
When there is nothing else you would want to do at that moment
When the importance of that task is the highest and most meaningful in your mind.

Transcendence can only happen if it is God’s will itself.
Because the contemplative movement needed for transcendence itself is a potential provided by God to you
And if you act on this potential, you are sucked back to God and all knowledge is revealed.
Your personal action can do nothing to absorb you into God’s will
In fact all personal action is counterproductive to realization of God
The egoic energy that makes you think you are a separate person
Will only perpetuate itself by ANY ACTION it takes
And ANY ACTION it takes is counterproductive to realization
Because IT IN ITSELF is the block to realization.

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