More explanation about the Ultimate Reality

The karma of God, as we see it now,
Goes round and round forever, or is like a fractal, or recursive pattern
Human beings, living creatures, society, culture, sunrise, sunset, various world events, tensions/dance between dualities
All keep perpetuating themselves like recursive fractals with changing/unchanging components.
Reproduction is basically perpetuation. A cell divides and duplicates.
Everything is changing, all atoms in our body are replaced in 3 years, but yet, we look more or less the same.
What creates this sameness of everything, even though everything is constantly vibrating, arising/passing, appearing/disappearing into nothingness (a mysterious space)?
Its similar to how in a movie theatre. We have 24 fps. Each frame is slightly different from the previous, but still there is a story and a lot of elements are repeated. Everything is fluidly moving/changing. The movie theater light is constantly flickering. If seen very closely, even light is basically vibration at a very high frequency. That means all appearances are appearing and disappearing at warp speeds (different speeds and intensities). That means there is a will behind the appearance that reinstates the appearance each time the 0(nothing, infinite) is touched (like a Cos wave say). The frequency of the appearances is so high, that everything looks solid. But when we closely closely examine our experience, we see that everything arises out of nothing and returns to nothing at warp speeds. Let’s say this ‘infinite boundless mystery nothing’ is 0.

IF we put an ULTRA ELECTRON MICROSCOPE on our experience:
So, Appearance 1: 101010101010202020202020303030303040404040
Appearance 2: a0a0a0a0a0d0d0d0d0d0d0r0r0r0r0r0g0g0g0g0g0g0h0h0
And so on.
Lets analyze appearances 1 and 2.
What are the appearances? – 1,2,3,4,a,d,r,g,h right? – However, these appearances keep on changing therefore none of them are real/unchanging. They are all completely insubstantial, non-essence, and impermanent like pictures on a TV screen. Then the next question is: What is the essence of everything then? if it is not these fleeting/changing/disappearing appearances 1,2,3,4,a,d,r,g,h? The unchanging is found to be observed to be the ‘0’ or the infinite nothing which can be potentially found through contemplation.

Lets take a case of a hypothetical samadhi when the appearances cease:
Then we would have: ……0000000000000000000000000000000000000000…….
which would reveal the unchanging truth. It is as if the movie projector stops projecting the movie, the film was removed and now just white light is thrown on the screen which is UNCHANGING (unlike the movie which is changing). And ultimately all of the movie is made up of that SAME WHITE LIGHT.

The form/appearance right now is constantly in flux, fluidly changing.
We always seek what our mind lacks at THAT moment.
There is always a ‘What is’ or ‘Something’ in the mind
But also a desire for images of a 100000000 other things
So the mind being infinitely deficient endlessly keep seeking
So it is the belief in deficiency that causes the mind to endlessly chase new experiences
So the persistent theme in all our experience is that, THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
Let call that (-1).
So our experience stream is like: (-1)a(-1)b(-1)c(-1)d(-1)e(-1)f(-1)g(-1)h(-1)i(-1)j(-1)k(-1)l(-1)m(-1)n(-1)o(-1)p….
So no matter what appears, the (-1) is always there and it spawns another <alphabet>
Its like (-1) is the potential for the next bit.
When this deficiency or potential energy runs out, there is a return to the source.

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