My only IRON OX to ride life is the ‘SENSE OF KNOWING’

The body’s internal symphony and symphony with environment etc. happens by itself. Everything happens by itself. I’m taking dream food and using dream remedies to cure my dream problems. My experience is simply mapped a certain way to this time-space-objects paradigm creating apparent cause and effect (Maya). But none of this appearance, is absolutely true.

Everything is all dream stuff. Ultimately its all just happening in the movie screen. I may be identified with certain aspects, and may try to maximize with certain goal equations. But the cause-effect is mysterious, therefore I can only believe and do actions, the result is not in my hands. Also at the highest level, everything is just happening including my identifications, beliefs, and imagination. Makes me question if there is really anything like soul, spirit, mind, body etc. All these concepts, mappings are just elaborate castles in the air.

Everytime I read something, talk to someone, or just think in a particular direction, I start to believe that ‘xxx’ is the cause of ‘xxx’ and it even becomes emotionally true many a times as I explore the thought. But in reality, none of it is true. Because each day even the attributed and believed causes keep changing and many of them are contradictory. So what is the real cause of experiences, apart from what I BELIEVE OR THINK to be the cause??

The issue is that my thinking generates such convincing stories that soon enough it hits my beliefs and I start to emotionally feel it as true. All my beliefs –> mapped to all my opinions –> mapped to emotions –> mapped to objects –> All of it is changeable. Therefore there is no real essence in them. I hold on to them because of the ground beliefs (which I do not determine, or have control over).

What is all this?? What is ALL OF THIS?? No logic seems to be convince me. WHY THIS? WHY even this question of ‘why this’? Why even this questioning of the question of ‘Why this’?….recursive.

Absolutely, nothing has essence and the only unchanging essence I have is ‘SENSE OF KNOWING’. (Sense of knowing is the highest abstraction. At a lower level for purposes of understanding, an analogy would be the ‘SENSE OF VISION’ i.e. see what you are looking at right now, then turn your head 180deg, you see a totally different image right?, but arent both the images ‘IMAGES’ or vision entities? Take that a level further and you see how everything is made up of ‘KNOWING’)

Everything else is changing or could change by nature. Just because its persistent does not mean its real (just like the same movie playing again and again does not imply does the movie screen is stuck to showing only that movie).

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