Analogy of Spiders – For how we deal with situations

Say, you live your life well in your house, but suddenly there are spiders coming in every night. You close/caulk all holes, but yet they come. Now, you have to understand the spiders, only then can you figure out a way to let them live peacefully and yourself peacefully. The spiders are unaware of the pain they are causing you. They are blindly serving their needs and are completely unaware of yours.

Maybe that is the difference between animals, humans and Gods. Its all in the inclusivity of the perspective. Greater the inclusivity of perspective in consciousness, greater is the being. Also, inclusivity of perspective is a direct function of how abstractly you can think.

Inclusivity of perspective (Directly proportional to) Abstract thinking ability.
More the abstraction, higher the inclusiveness.
At the pinnacle of abstractness, time and space and all of manifest are encapsulated within it.

They all lie in a spectrum:
(Highest abstractness)God—————-Enlightened Humans————Great thinkers/Philosophers———-Regular Humans———————Animals(Lowest Abstractness)

Now back to the topic, so there are different ways of dealing with this issue:
1. Kill the spiders whenever you see them – Way of violence
2. Wait around to see if they will go away by themselves – Way of Inaction
3. Try to find out where they are coming from by examining your house – Way of Defensiveness
4. Feel paralyzed and helpless and sit put – Way of helplessness, powerlessness
5. Observe their patterns and behavior patiently – Way of observation
6. Read up on spiders, where they live, their lifestyle etc. to understand them first. – Way of intellect
7. Try to hide from the spiders somewhere else in your house (gradually the spiders reach there too and then you have to hide deeper) – Way of Avoidance, Dissociation
8. Try to distract yourself and avoid thinking about the spiders in the first place. – Way of Denial, Repression
9. Move out of the house, and find another place – Way of Escape, Rejection
10. Accept the spiders coming and going and let them be. – Way of Acceptance

You may use a combination of approaches to deal with this OR you could use them in a staggered fashion.

For example: Say you start off with 1 –>2 –>3 –>4–>5–>6–>7–>8–>9–>10, If any of these work, then the flow stops and your issue is resolved. But if none of them work then you go all the way through the flow.

You may also start with 7–>5 –>6–>3 and so on. This pattern you follow may illuminate your personality algorithms.

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