Analogies for Maya, Belief, Desire

Let go of all NOT(What is), BE ‘What is’
Clue: Any movement away from ‘what is’ requires effort.

Being ‘What is’ is synonymous to the total dropping of ALL effort,
It is total union/being everything, and stillness with everything.

The mantra is simple: DROP ALL EFFORT and the truth that you are everything will be revealed to you.

BE the desire energy, and know its true nature. BE the mind and know its true nature. True knowledge is from BEING the thing.

All manifestation is from divine energy:
Ultimately all the energy for anything to happen is the mysterious/divine energy. Nothing happens without that. What we experience as individuals is a particular filtering/distortion/manipulation of the divine energy. It is like how, without electricity no laptop can work. But with electricity, we can run a macbook or a windows tablet. In the sense, the electricity is the divine force that makes everything happen. The specific structure of how that energy is channeled is our experience. The components of the machine that manipulates/distorts/shapes the divine energy are things like core-beliefs, beliefs, desires thoughts, fears, memory etc. They are the components of the human experience machine which convert the divine energy into a particular manifestation just like a macbook converts electricity into all the forms of function that you see in it. Transcendence is realizing you are not the macbook but the electricity driving it and infact the macbook is just one of your possibilities.

About Desire:
Desire is a creation of a certain potential energy in your being. If you are unconscious to this potential energy, then you will serve the potential until it exhausts itself. After that, your unconscious seeking algorithm will create another desire or potential energy, and once again you will serve this until it exhausts itself. If you think the desire is you, then the desire energies will consume you in their ‘blind’ games. Even the desire energies are puppets actually. They are created by core-algorithms in your psyche which create this fractal game of desires/potential energies.

Rat Analogy for Predicament:
The situation is like a rat who wants food. You shine a laser pointer somewhere, he thinks that is food and chases the pointer, but as soon as the rat catches it, he realizes that is not the food he hoped for. Now you shine a different colored laser elsewhere, now again the rat builds up hopes and runs after the new point, once again after capturing it with great difficulty (because you are turning it around in circles for your entertainment), he once again realizes its not the food he wanted. How long can this game go on? Well until you keep shining different colored laser pointers and moving it around everywhere OR if the rat himself realizes that the food is in none of the pointers.

Now this was an analogy to point to various aspects of our real existence.
The point of the pointer, is desire.
The pointer is belief.
‘You’ who is moving the pointer around and changing the colors of the laser each time is ‘MAYA’.
The ‘Rat Food’ here is complete fulfillment/complete knowledge of your true nature.

As Nisargadatta M said, w/o realization, you will be forever consumed by desires and fears and playing out this core algorithm forever. This primal ignorance of our nature (which is what Buddha referred to when he said all suffering is from ignorance of our true nature), is what causes the endless fractally generating games/unsatisfactoriness.

We denying ourselves what we want through elaborate unconscious mechanisms: That is the game of Maya.
How can you ever find yourself through desire?
Satisfaction cannot be found by playing any game OR attaining any desire. We only get a faint glimpse of it when we achieve something great, and then we are back to our old state. We create our own games and conditions for achieving this state, we deny it to ourselves by our conditional games. Its like creating elaborate structures to prevent the sunlight from reaching you. And then you climb all that you built just to get a glimpse of sunlight?

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