Rules for a better life

Focus on clarity, the rest including actions will simply follow:
Focus on being crystal clear yourself and your actions will automatically reflect that clarity.
Will people fight with you because of your truth, YES, they will. But know what’s true and stick to it.
Get confidence from reason/logic/clarity/responsibility/decision/personal needs and desires and calmness.


Stand on the truth and do not give up:
There are millions of false forces everywhere which will oppose the truth. There are 1000s of truth opposing forces. I have to stand my ground on the truth and then face these forces and not give in to them just to appear nice or avoid conflict. Being in truth is far more important than being nice. This being nice is coming from lack of responsibility. I’m dissociated from areas, where I need to take responsibility and take action.


Working and fulfilling myself at work is my responsibility, my fulfillment is my responsibility.
If I am not happy, then I must find an alternative OR I must remap my emotions to what is there. If I do not see any way, or am too confused, then I must take a step at a time OR wait for clarity or a better mind state (it may not be in my hands). But blaming, complaining is pointless. It is me being unconscious of my own participation in a situation and complaining about it from that unconsciousness.


All complaining, blaming is a lack of responsibility and unawareness. 
What is there is there, you either have control, or do not have control. If you have control, use it. If you do not have control, then what is there to complain/blame? If the situation does not work for you, its your responsibility to get yourself to the situation suitable for you. If you see no way out, then you must wait for clarity (something you do not have control over). Then what is there to complain or blame?


Truth needs no validation:
The truth needs no validation. It just IS.
When you act from your true self, the acid test is that, you will need no validation. The expression will simply overflow and require nothing.
That is a tested proof that you are acting from your true self.
The true self is a spontaneous flowering that requires absolutely nothing for its expression, sustenance and existence.
Validation is only needed for false entities/parasites in you that live on borrowed energy.
These disembodied cancerous entities hijack you like a parasite and need borrowed energies for their survival and existence.
If you feel like you need validation for something, it means you are holding on to something false and therefore you are needing validation to provide fuel to this false entity feeding on you.
People are dependent because they are living on the false (which needs constant validation to survive).
Their lives are hijacked by this need and they spend their whole life fulfilling these false lies which need so much maintenance.

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