From the true –> To the false –> back to the truth

We are born as the truth

A powerful shining light

Then we start to create an identity

which is like clothes worn over the light

This identity is picked up from parents

family, relatives, friends, other early experiences

This identity forms the abstract meta-relationship matrix/fractal

for relating with the world

The rest of our lives we spend in furthering this identity

experiences that we like, strengthen or validate our identity
experiences that we do not like, cause suffering,
as we try to hold on to our identity against the opposing forces

The creation of the identity

is the first layer of falsity/false

We internalize the identity belief

and that becomes our first burden

Our first clothes, over the pure light

Then we spend the rest our lives

furthering these burdens, clothes, falsities

In some people there is a return movement

Of contemplation, examination, observation

Which causes the inner light to start a backwards movement

Instead of creating more and more falsities and newer identifications

It starts to questioning the existing clothes/falsities/identifications/created limitations

and then there is this process of unbecoming

First there is becoming
Then there is unbecoming
where the fragments now come back together

Get reabsorbed and the infinite is got back

This is one breath of life.
The creation/destruction of karma.

The movie of hide and seek

Of getting willingly lost and the adventure of finding oneself again

It is creating and getting lost into the false and then finding the truth again

In a sense, I cannot even call something false or something true

Judgments like that fail, when seen in this giant perspective

This is more of a play, a movie, an adventure of the divine.

Every human being or living thing could be said to be a certain kind of breath of life/adventure.

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