All complaining, blaming is a lack of responsibility and unawareness

What is there is there, you either have control, or do not have control. If you have control, use it. If you do not have control, then what is there to complain/blame? If the situation does not work for you, its your responsibility to get yourself to a situation suitable for you. If you see no way out, then you must wait for clarity (something you do not have control over). Then what is there to complain or blame?

Why should someone choose to stay in the prison, when the door is wide open? And keep complaining about the prison, instead of simply getting up and walking out? That is the unconsciousness. The unconscious keeps one in a situation, and the conscious complains about it unconsciously. Because if you truly knew you have no control, why would you complain. Does anyone complain about the sky being blue?

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