Self-perpetuating fractal patterns of belief – using intellect as a servant

How do I create expectations about the future of what’s going to happen?
Based on past experiences? But relying on past experiences as a predictor for the future is playing into the same self-perpetuating fractal.

For example, if you believe deep down you are unworthy, then that fractal is working unconsciously under your nose towards creating a story from your life that would prove this back to you. Like if you met someone and had a good time, you would still be insecure. The next time you meet them, you would start testing them, asking all kinds of questions to prove you own case. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Since all of reality is basically our interpretation, if you construct a powerful story that proves they rejected you, aha! you proved it. The more intelligent the person, the more subtle and fantastic story they can come up with. But ultimately the intellect was just a servant of the belief that was trying to prove itself. That is the pattern of the belief, it will play itself forever.

The game between intellect and belief is like, to give an analogy, the intellect is like the painter and belief is like the master of the painter. The master says ‘Paint me a landscape, but only use the colors black and brown’. The painter is like ok!, Better the painter, more the detail and awesomeness of the landscapes. But ultimately he was just following the higher instruction coming from the master, to use only the colors brown and black. So no matter what paintings come out, they are all possible combinations of brown and black.

Similarly, our reality can be a recursive spiral/fractal of the same emotions of fear, guilt, rejection and it can create entire intricate worlds. It might even be unimaginable to think of alternative worlds, because you have made so much of intricate investment in creating those worlds. But completely different worlds (paintings) can be created with much better emotions (equanimity, peace, love, joy, celebration, ecstasy) and the intellect would use all its power to paint according to the new beliefs driving it.

Sometimes the more intelligent the person, the more convincing they sound, because their stories are so much more intricate, detailed, connected and the relationships between elements are very complex. This complexity can absorb the listeners mind so much, they might very easily lose sight of the fundamental core-beliefs driving this whole castle like creation.

Entire kingdoms of guilt-fear paradigms would vanish if the underlying belief structure is seen through.

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