The 4 main attention hijacks of my life

So the 4 main attention hijacks in my life are:
Survival, Sexual/Eros feelings, Other people with expectations, My dreams/beliefs/vision.

1. Survival need makes me seek – Security, Food, Water, Avoidance of physical threats (and harm), Avoidance of pain, Avoidance of loss.
(Mind Free from primitive/primal needs——-<spectrum>——-Mind seized by primitive/primal needs)
Chakras: 1

2. Sexual/Eros/libido/pleasure energy makes me seek – status, power, prestige, respect, love/wantedness/desirability, achievement, praise, admiration, beauty, passion
Spectrum: (Happiness/Pleasure ——–<spectrum>———- Depression/Anhedonia)
Chakras: 2,4

3. Other people’s expectations makes me seek – acceptance, belonging, peace, harmony (states of flow), cooperation, trust, identity, security of relationships, stability of relationships, meaning from relationships
Spectrum: (Coherence, purpose, stability, openness ——- Fragmentation, confusion, chaos, narrowness) 
Chakras: 3

4. My dreams/beliefs/vision make me seek – truth (enlightenment), higher knowledge/understanding, intellect, expression, freedom, novelty(exploration, curiosity), higher purpose, higher vision, true identity, ultimate meaning, transcendent (God).
Spectrum: (Enlightenment/Knowledge————Delusion/Ignorance)
Chakras: 5,6,7

Sexual Energy Hijack of Attention/Motivation: (addiction)
Sexual energy is like a dopamine/motivation hijack. Suddenly all your interest/motivation/attention is moved to find more and more stimuli/images of that kind only to get more and more pleasure. Interest in all other stuff, is temporarily lost.But the issue is, this continues until it reaches peak pleasure (a spike) and then its hold is sharply lost/dropped. This is some kind of pleasure trampoline. I can clearly see the sexual/eros feeling itself is non-sexual. Its just a pure energy sensation if you can get your mind away from the content and just focus only on the direct perception of energy.That energy seems to be triggered and intensified only with sexual stimuli/images. Its as if the stimuli awaken that particular part of the brain and thereby increases dopamine in that direction of thinking. Simplistically, our whole motivation system is mappings to what triggers dopamine right? So the sexual images and perceptions are hijacking the motivation system temporarily. So in that period, you are possessed and all you want to do is to reach the max pleasure possible. This continues until the peak orgasm is reached and then sharply declines off freeing the motivation system again of its grip.Hijack of attention by other people’s expectations: (co-dependency)
Even other people’s expectations has a way of stimulating the motivation/dopamine system of mine. Suddenly I have motivation to please them, do as they expect me to, be in the flow as per them, and behave as per their expectations, or use my old learned patterns of relating (since they are tried and tested). That is why people around me, motivate me, move me in directions. Once they are gone, even the motivation disappears.

Hijack of attention because of survival needs: (insecurity, anxiety)
Even the things I need to do for survival is a motivation hijack.

Attention hijack –  Chakric activity: (sensation mappings to mood/thoughts)
For example, if there is strong sensation in the sexual organs, then I put all my attention there.
Another example would be a hollow uncomfortable sensation in the solar plexus chakra. Again all attention goes there and the sensation content consumes consciousness.
It becomes a loop, because the more that sensation captures my consciousness. Subsequently there is the part of, what I do with the sensation, which is related to the dopamine system fractals.
The dopamine system abstract algo/fractal is like:
If there is ‘X’ sensation in ‘X’ Chakra, do ‘X1-X2-X3-X4….’

When alone attention hijack happens because of thinking about what the immediate people in my life expect from me.

Attention hijack also happens to me based on expectations of the environment I am in. This again comes back to people, a people created system of reinforcement/conditioning and training.

Another attention hijack is my own perceived problems.
It grips my attention proportional to the intensity of the problem.

Another attention hijack is a future event expectation of pleasure.
It could be a new item I ordered, it could be the visit of some person I’m looking forward to see OR the most exciting would be some kind of new crush/sexual encounter.
Here in this case, that thought consumes all of my attention, and I am constantly fantasizing about it and imagining the kind of feeling I could get from it.
I cannot think of anything else at that time, because that would change my state, and I feel a great affinity/attraction/attachment to the pleasure state.
Once I have pleasure, all I want to do is pull on with whatever the stimulus activity was, and I have no drive to shift away from it. If circumstances force me to shift, I’ll be very heartbreaking to let go of the pleasure state. I use this all the time infact. Not only for eros stuff but also for reading an interesting article, anything that I have an inherent interest, curiosity, drive, passion for.

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