Revelations – Jan 23, 2015

I dance to express.
I sing to express.
I write to express.
I draw to express.
All my movement is expression.
All my thought is an expression.
All my action is an expression.
Everything is an expression of this
Mysterious energy which I am.

Everything inside me moves
By a mysterious force which I am.

This shimmery ever-changing ecstatic reality
Is always accessible to me.

I can always cover up this reality though
This open experience, by holding on.
Everything I hold on to, conscious or unconscious
Is the reason why I do not experience the nirvana freedom.

There are endless fractals perpetuating themselves
At varied levels from Grossest to the Subtlest.
I now see myself out of most of them.

The more I let go and see, I can see
That I can get lost in my own acts.

Why will I voluntarily let myself get lost?
For the fun of it?
For the adventure of it?
For the experience of it?

Why would I ever want to experience getting lost
In my own creations? And Suffer?
Just for the experience of suffering?
So that I can experience the hidden aspects more gloriously?

When they are revealed to me?
This is like a hide and seek game
I play with myself
I hide from my power, and imagine I’m weak
Just for the experience

And then I go BOO!
And I have the power back again
What a relief it is
What a joy it is
To see I have never lost THAT

I play this game endlessly
Of hide and seek with myself
Because it is so entertaining

I endlessly discover my hidden aspects
I endlessly keep finding myself
I can do this endlessly because
I am infinite

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