Words like empathy, care, love, concern need redefinition

When another person is dejected, I felt obligated to also feel the same dejection that person is feeling.
It was my own internal guilt telling me that I should display the same dejection on my face too.

Then it occurred to me, how does that help? How does it help if I make myself feel the same feeling the other is having? If I also felt dejected with him, then does that help anyone? I feel this is fundamentally flawed at all levels.

Empathy according to me is respecting, allowing and hearing the feelings the other is having, it is not about making yourself feel the same feeling. I see that a counterproductive. First of all does someone really want to stay dejected? If a particular event in his/her life triggered this, does it really help if another unconnected person with a different dream and life is obligated to feel this same feeling? Is it fair to IMPRISON/HOLD HOSTAGE another person’s feelings to match yours, until you have it?

That seems like an intensely cruel act, perpetrated in the name of demanding humanitarian empathy. The principle is: ‘I am feeling terrible, and I want you to feel as terrible as me, as long as I feel terrible’. The issue is now, the person originally feeling terrible cannot step out of his/her own state, because now, even the other person has joined in, so the 2 people together support this state and perpetuate it much longer than if the other person stayed in a good mood and thereby revealed the transiency of the dejected state.

It is almost like the act of a devil, pulling you(sucking the soul out of you) using her eyes of guilt into her evilness. Isn’t that exactly what we call horror? And all this cruelty and insane dysfunction is masked and masqueraded under the word ‘EMPATHY, CARE, CONCERN, LOVE’?

If a person constantly gets themselves in a bad, low vibration, dull, heavy, sticky mood, listless mood and then demands that the other get into the same state of feeling in the name of care, love, concern, empathy and love, something is SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY wrong and needs to be urgently investigated!!!! Those words need serious redefinition.

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