Fear, Guilt, Shame, Neglect, Dissociation – Only exist in unconsciousness


Emotions like Fear, Guilt, Shame, Neglect, Dissociation only exist in darkness.

Imagine you had a mansion with 10 rooms. 3 of them, you have decorated and visit everyday. But the other 7, you have locked them up and believe that there is something terrible in each of them. You never open those doors because of that belief.

These beliefs/imaginations/stories about what lies behind those doors is stuff like:

Fear(something in the room will scare the shit out of you)

Guilt(something in the room will make you a slave and subjugate you)

Shame (something horrible is inside this room)

Neglect (something totally worthless is there inside)

Dissociation (could be a combo of something worthless, horrible, scary, subjugating)

So I say, its all darkness, because, what is in the room is not known to awareness. The belief shadows the whole of these rooms.

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