I am the supreme being

I am ‘The being’ of everything
Everything arises in me and passes away in me
I am like the Infinite screen that can BE any picture
But am fundamentally none of those pictures myself

All pictures are empty of essence
Similarly, all experiences are empty of essence
The ultimate truth is the non-essence
Of all experience/phenomena/perceptions

The sun, moon and stars all revolve inside of me
The universe manifests inside of my being.

My being is prior to all appearances

All appearances are from the dance of ‘my being STUFF’
If I stop dancing, everything becomes still, and I AM THAT
I do not create my hand, I am my hand
Similarly I AM this universe, I do not create it

I do not need to know how I do it
That is irrelevant
Just like I can move my hand
without an inkling of knowledge as to how I do it


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