Transfixing of attention – Horror, Astonishment, Wonder, Attractiveness

Its very interesting to notice the direct sensations of horror. My 3rd chakra gets ‘pulled out’ and towards the horror object. Also my attention gets transfixed on the horror object. Basically I become hyper-focused and my attention is hijacked.

But even something very attractive can transfix our attention. Falling in love , is an uncontrollable force, seizing all of your attention towards an attractive object. At a more abstract level, from the ‘direct experience’ point of view, Is there any real difference between getting your attention transfixed on horror or attraction?

It seems like attraction/horror is more about our interpretation of these direct energetic and attention pulling phenomena. When our attention is transfixed on something you do not want, we call it horror.When it is transfixed on something we find highly desirable, we call it attraction. But at an abstract level, both these phenomena involve seizing of our attention.

Do we like to have our attention seized? I would say ‘Yes’, once in a while. After all, how would you really understand what safety is unless you fully experience a horror movie. The dualities potentate each other. This seizing of attention phenomena, potentates the dual experience of our daily life mental freedom.

The whole spectrum has to be transcended:

Freedom ———-<spectrum>———– Trappedness, Seizing, Prison

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