Unsatisfactoriness of all experience

After psychedelics, and a plethora of examined experiences, its getting extremely obvious that no experience object/field is satisfactory.
The fact is, that satisfaction itself is:
– not the essence of any experience object/field
– cannot be found in any experience object/field
Satisfaction comes from the deepest part of the psyche. It is like inside the seed of the projection apparatus itself.

The belief that “satisfaction can be found through an experience object/field” is the reason for the perpetuation of the fractal/wheel of life. This fundamental belief is what gives rise to ‘desire’ as a by-product. As long as the belief is there, the ‘Algorithm for seeking’ keeps running. It runs forever until it is conscious/seen/realized. The algorithm is actually quite simple, that “There is something better than THIS, therefore SEEK IT”.

So no matter what experience appears, the algorithm simply computes something better and projects it again like as a desire. Just like you can move forever in a desert, but you would always be seeing a mirage close to the horizon. This mirage is desire. It forever appears, because the algorithm forever creates it. And this keeps the wheel of life running eternally. Like all unconscious patterns, this is possibly the deepest human delusion.
The hope of improvement finding something better, hope of attainment are all empty dreams/mirages when seen absolutely. In the sense these dreams are only as real as the pictures and stories you view on the movie screen/or a mirage seen at a distance in the desert.The entire show can be simply turned off, and EVERYTHING would disappear in that instant. And ‘You are that entire show i.e. the entire play of the experience field’.

Like all cyclic/spiral/circular/fractal manifestations, these patterns go on until the unconscious spiral/fractal is illuminated. And once illuminated, the realization happens in a FLASH (not 1 year, 10 years, not even in 5min, its just a FLASH).

Beliefs operate/play out IN TIME but are/exist BEYOND TIME. The belief is the algorithm for experience which plays out in time. Just like how, you can install a game on your computer (the game files contain all the algorithms), but when you actually play the game, the algorithms unfold on your screen in TIME as you playing the game.

Everything in this world is going round and round because of these unconscious beliefs. They keep us going forever. The whole nature of our personality is also driven by these self perpetuation forces or algorithms, which keep recreating a particular fractal of experience again and again forever until they are directly and entirely seen through.

Seeing through these belief/fractals/algorithms is exactly what we call ‘TRANSCENDENCE’.

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