About the perspective spectrum

Highest perspective ——————–<spectrum>———————– Limited perspective
– At the highest perspective, I can see that both pleasure and sadness are insubstantial.
– I can also see that there is sadness bg for pleasure and pleasure bg for sadness. So the picture is always whole.
– When I seek something, I’m moving from an imagined minus to an imagined plus.

– How does another person’s demands affect my perspective?

I find loss of perspective very disturbing because of fear of loss and standing on no man’s land. When I know I’m not seeing the real picture, there is a fog, blindness and therefore more unknowns and fear.

I find even expanded perspective scary because then I see both the sides of duality and it paralyzes me. I freeze when I see the whole picture with both the -ve and +ve in one picture. Then the only thing moving me is my own commitments(job, society) and habits(chores etc.). All drivenness ends because I see the whole picture and therefore do not move from one fragment identification to another.

Limited perspective+positive emotions = Enjoyment+Fear of it going away Limited perspective+negative emotions = Suffering+Longing for the positive Expanded perspective+Positive emotions = Seeing positive and negative in background Expanded perspective+Neg emotions = Seeing negative+ positive in background

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