New perspectives on Love

The energy of creation is Love.

The energy of manifestation movement is Love. (Note: Manifestation is movement in duality, no movement = no manifestation of anything whatsoever)

Love energy = Creation, Gain

Loss of Love = Removal, Depression, Loss

The will to do something, even the will to live, is a manifestation of ‘Love energy’.

When this love energy is lost, it is felt as depression and all your creations(devoid of love now) become a burden to you.

Just like absence makes presence fonder, the loss of love sharpens the perception of love itself (just like you can see light the most only when you emerge from darkness).

In other words, all manifestation is out of love i.e. a spontaneous creative act.

If that is the case,

– Suffering experience is from a love for suffering

– Pain experience is from a love for pain

– Defiance is from a love for defiance

Similarly, love for torture, love for laziness, love for hate, just about any negative thing you can come up with has the energy of love/creation driving it.

Love is the energy driving ALL OF THE MANIFEST. The concept is transcendent. It is something like the concept of presence. There is only presence and absence is also a kind of presence only ‘the presence of absence’. Similarly, love is the energy behind all movement in the experience field, call it -ve, +ve, its irrelevant.

What you love, you become. Its just a matter of time. See beyond the time dimension and its clear they both are ONE THING. You are already your desire/what you love.

The ‘becoming’ illusion is a transformation that happens in time.  Its like solid becomes liquid and then becomes a gas as we heat it. The substance has changed form, but it is still the same essential substance right no matter what the form – solid, liquid or gas?. This is something similar. Similarly here, potential –> Kinetic energy is a transformation we see in time, but when seen outside the time dimension, they both are ONE. Your potential/desire/what you love is EXACTLY what you will eventually become. Things may appear to stop this process, but for how long, this potential energy when given the opportunity will convert itself to kinetic becoming. You ALREADY ARE your desire if seen from a perspective transcendent of time.

5 Replies to “New perspectives on Love”

  1. I have one point of confusion. If depression is loss of love, but suffering is from a love of suffering, is there a contradiction? Wouldn’t we say that depression is a love of depression? Are you saying that suffering is an act, while depression is a lack of action?

  2. Yea, this is where it gets mind boggling kind of.
    Depression = Loss of Love. But the existence of the phenomenon of Depression itself is because of Love. That means, there is a love for the ‘loss of love’. Its as if the creator willingly withdraws himself from this cherished creations and willingly goes through the experience of loss. After all, loss/destruction is needed for gain/creation. Regular suffering happens when there is hope. Depression is the suffering of hopelessness, and grief about the loss of hope, that the loved object can never be got, and then the only desire/longing left is then for life/hope itself.

    At the transcendent level, all manifestation is an ‘Act of creation’ which I am saying is synonymous to the ‘Energy of Love’. Its like suddenly your movie screen of consciousness is playing a movie where you are losing everything and feeling the pain of loss or hopelessness/depression. But the light that is animating that movie (no matter what that movie is) is the energy of love.

    ‘All creation’ is from the ‘energy of love’. And in a sense, destruction is also a kind of creation, because destruction is a tangible experience itself, a phenomena.

    1. Okay I think I understand now. It sounds like the ‘loss of love’ is the experiential feeling, while the transcendent perspective is that the depression is created out of love (out of awareness) to provide an opposition through which joy/hope/etc. can be experienced…?

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