Deepest meditation on Moda – 3 hours

Deepest meditation on Moda – 3 hours

Cyclic Diagram:
Stage 1: Karma creation/Dispersion/Spreading/Externalization/Explosion/Fragmentation
Stage 2: Karma re-absorption/Integration/Internalization/Implosion/Rejoining.

Just like the big bang, the source bursts itself outwards as fragments, expands, breaths and then pulls all the fragments back in to form the whole again. That is like one breath of the cosmos or God.

‘I’ am a small wave in that massive gigantic cosmic breath. Everything is breathing i.e. experiences are arising and passing i.e. experiences are growing, maturing, fading. Everything can be reduced to 1 FINAL SUBSTANCE that is ‘EXPERIENCE’. Everything is an experience(or appearance in consciousness), and all experience is breathing i.e. arising and passing away.

We think of death as one final event. But there is no such finality. There is no 1 independent thing that dies. First of all, there are NO independent things in the first place. All things are interdependent on each other. (Read more about the concept of dependent arising on google)

For example: The experience of looking at glass needs your sense organ – eyes to be working. Everything we experience as the outer world is from sense perception, so our senses are doors to this outer world itself. Without the senses, the outer world is GONE. The senses are what make the outer world perception possible. The perception of the outer world is entirely dependent on our sense organs and how well they work.

There are millions of smaller micro-objects that make up the so called large independent object. Accordingly, for the micro objects, there are numerous micro-births and micro-deaths. The whole of the experience space is shimmering with objects arising (born) and passing (dying) at different rates.

For all these objects, their timelines are different. These trillions of micro objects everywhere exist in different scales/impacts/size etc. and timelines. Consciousness has infinite such objects, but the commonality is that all of them are made up of the unspeakable substance we call ‘Consciousness’ or the ‘Ultimate reality’.

Experience spectrum frequency:
There are a spectrum of numerous smaller waves riding on the gigantic cosmic wave. The frequency of the waves could range from 10^100 years to 1 nano-nano second just for an imagination.

A question to ask ourselves would be, what is the frequency of our personal perception. What is the smallest subtlest experience we can perceive?
What is the largest picture we can perceive?

The frequency for the wave of our human body experience is 80 years say.
But the frequency of our breath of one breath is say 5 secs.
The frequency of a subtlest blip (arising/passing) the eye can detect would be around 1/100th of a sec say.
What is the frequency of thought?
What is the frequency of an blip impression entering and leaving the mind? Maybe 1/100sec again?
What is the frequency of a paradigm of experience in the mind? Maybe 2-3 years? (for example: Say you believed in buddhism for 3 years and then moved on to another belief which changed your experience noticeably)

So an interesting question would be, if we can agree, that the experience spectrum is the final spectrum that contains all other spectrums, where does the human being apparatus fit into this?

So just like the colors of light we see fall only in a narrow band of the light spectrum, our human experience falls into a very narrow band of experience spectrum possible in the cosmos. All scientific spectrums can be ultimately reduced to an experience spectrum (After all, there is NOTHING that is not an experience. Sound, Light, Concept, Mental model etc.).

There are 2 attributes for an experience object wave:
1. Quality (Direct experience, ineffable, unspeakable, direct energy perception)
2. Timeline/Duration (Time dimension, how long it lasts, its arising, growing, falling, passing)

So at every moment we are dying and renewing ourselves. We are changing at every millisecond. We may change at different rates at different times say (like say you have a sudden accident and there is a sharp change of experience (pain) arising) but everything is continuous. There is never a moment when we are not experiencing, EXPERIENCE IS ETERNAL.

Our attachment to experience objects is another experience wave which exists in ignorance (attachment itself is an experience object). When we see the entire picture with our awareness i.e. when all aspects of our EXPERIENCE are illuminated, existence is seen as an endless free falling change (celebration, dance, ecstasy, shimmering, ever-renewing), then all attachment falls away and there is only just BEING THAT FREE FALL OF EXPERIENCE.

We are always free falling, we have always been and always shall be. This is an eternal movement (beyond time). We are not in time, WE ARE TIME(change) ITSELF. That mysterious substance which changes forever but has no fixed form, quality (formless, quality-less, indescribable, ineffable) is US.

The only thing holding us back is the delusion that we think we are one of those experience objects, and we spend all our life living in fear of losing it, and trying to protect it from the force of life which always keeps threatening it in some way. We are identified with one of the fragment appearances which is FALSE, NOT US. Life always threatens our attachments OBVIOUSLY, because LIFE IS CHANGE ITSELF.

We need to see this absolute truth of change and see there is no need to hold on to anything, and firstly dis-identify with EVERYTHING. When I say everything, I mean ‘EVERYTHING’. Only then we can clearly see WHAT WE ARE NOT, we can stop identifying ourself with THE FRAGMENT, THE FALSE, the APPEARANCE and start living from the FREE FALLING ECSTASY.

Existence is SHIMMERING IN ECSTASY with various arisings/passings of a trillion experience objects like a dream.

When we identify ourself with a concept(experience object) or the body(another experience object), we contract around it in FEAR, and when LIFE TAKES it away from us as it always does, WE CLUTCH, WE HOLD ON TIGHT, WE GET DESPERATE and then anyway in the end, the object does pass away in its own accord. Then we identify with another fragment and repeat this pattern of desperate holding on to an UNREAL THING in the first place. When we see the truth, the MOST OBVIOUS, SANEST thing to do is to LET GO, LET GO, LET GO, LET GO OF EVERYTHING. Because we are NOT THIS, NOT THAT, NOT (XXXXXX anything that appears XXXXX). EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL/OBJECT of experience has to be LET GO.

We do not NEED ANYTHING. All need is belief based. We believe we need things. Its a fractal manifestation. See the fractal completely and free yourself from it.

ALL FEAR IS FROM IGNORANCE of the nature of reality. See everything as an experience object and witness how you exist even after it falls away. Because YOU as AWARENESS can never be destroyed. YOU ARE ETERNAL and you will forever ride the FREE FALL ECSTASY of shimmering experiences.

Every experience object contains the secret of why/how it exists within itself. If you want to find out the true nature of your stomach pain say, observe it, OBSERVE IT very very subtly until the secret of its nature and reason for existence is revealed to you. It is the divide and conquer strategy. Break the solid experience object into smaller objects and yet smaller objects and so on, until you reach an atomic level of perception. There the shimmering secret of micro-arisings and micro-passings are revealed to you. There are just endless waves over waves over waves riding over each other.

The only thing impeding this FREE FALL is our holding on which solidifies certain aspects of experience. In a  way, its easy to see, what we are holding on to, whatever does not change in our experience day after day is precisely the thing we are holding on to. We might be doing this for fear, insecurity whatever reason. But seeing an object completely is the same as ACCEPTANCE. LETTING GO of the experience object is the same as giving it permission to CHANGE. Then we all will return to the SHAMANIC/DREAM/CHILD like THETA WAVE reality.

At a certain levels, we will have to reach trans-human levels of letting go. Initially the letting go is only at the personal level. Then after that it reaches letting go at the consensus cultural level frameworks. Then we have to let go at the human level itself (we approach very broad problems faced by all of humanity and take it on). Then there is letting go at trans-human levels of mystical insights, states, out of body experiences, astral experiences, oceans of bliss etc.

BE THE LIGHT yourself and illuminate everything you come in contact with. After all, you cant help doing that, that is the nature of light itself and YOU ARE THAT.

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