Love = sensing of ‘potential energy’ in ‘experience objects’

What is love? We talk about romantic love, agape or unconditional love, love for a subject, love of an art, love for a religion, love for parents, platonic love etc.

Let me give other spins on what is love.

Love is seeing ‘Potential Energy’:
When a child is born, it has so much of love for life. That is, from the child’s experience, there are so many potentials to explore, so many things to discover. Its a state of wonder and mystery. The child is in the state of ‘love’ because it is seeing potentials/possibilities everywhere.
Similarly when you walk on the road, the boy/girl who catches your fantasy, is you literally seeing a WORMHOLE of potential energy possibility. Seeing potentials/possibilities everywhere is to be in a state of love/joy/hope.

Its like your a magnet walking around and all the people are neutral objects like wood. Say another boy/girl is another magnet which pulls you towards them. You suddenly feel the magnetic pull on your imagination. This magnetic pull that consumes your imagination is joyous and that is when religious people sometimes comment – I am a joyful instrument/servant of god’s will (that emotion – to serve god/ultimate reality is the greatest joy).

This magnetic pull on your imagination can happen for even ideas, concepts, paradigms, models, beliefs etc.
Corollary: Depression is basically loss of love:
Nothing draws you in/fascinates/excites/interests you anymore. So here depression is a state where ‘No Desirable Potential Energies’ are seen anywhere. Nothing ATTRACTS you. It is like the train of reality has slowed down and all you see is the same desert like scenery. So you wait for the spring season of new blossoming potential energies/possibilities – i.e. you wait for life to move you again in its force.
Looking at an ‘Object’ which triggers love in you, triggers the part of you that fantasizes, desires, dreams, imagines, wonders, anticipates.

In a way, ‘infatuation/being smitten’ is a similar thing, the only difference being, infatuation is when your awareness of the other is very limited. So you fill in all the gaps with positive imagination. However, there are a lot of insecurities, doubts, fears in your mind and a deep longing for reciprocation.

If we move past the infatuation state and transition to the next phase, then we enter conventional love. Here, our awareness of the other person is much greater, we understand a lot of their qualities and we like/cherish/adore/relish a lot of those qualities. So this is a stage where although there is less of that primal excitement and fantasy, there is much greater comfort, security, mutual understanding and stability. So its a new combination, but yet, you still imagine your future with her.
So it is still ‘BEING IN IMAGINATION’.

Now love is not only for a person, but it can be for anything that triggers your deep fascination, curiosity and imagination. It can be anything that fascinates you deeply like – fiction novels, spiritual truths, sport, carpentry, religion, culture, language etc.

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