In-breath and Out-breath analogy for Existence

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 3.29.35 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 3.29.09 PM
Manifestation is a fractal of waves:
Smaller waves riding over larger waves and even smaller waves riding on the smaller ones and so on.

Each wave has a rise, peak, and fall.

Every 1/2 wave (rising part) is the inbreath, and the other 1/2 (falling part) is the outbreath.

Inbreath is the gathering of potential. Outbreath is the expression/kinetic of this potential gathered.

About the waves:

The start of our life till death is a giant wave. This could be riding on another giant wave of the soul. Which is why, we may have 90 year old people who are full of life and curiosity, while some 30 year olds are so world weary, they are no longer interested in much besides returning to their source and understanding the broader picture. It could be the 90 year old is on the rising part of the larger soul wave while the 30 year old is towards the end of his larger soul wave. Essentially our life wave rides over the larger soul wave. 1 Larger soul wave may have many 10s of lives. Now within a single life wave, we can have the childhood portion where most of the potentials for life are gathered, and the adulthood portion of the wave (kinetic) where the expression or living out of the potential happens.

In between each small interest we gather maybe other smaller waves running on the life wave. Different epic periods in my life’s maybe smaller waves riding on the life wave.

Now in the diagram, I have shown the line waves for each day. Because each day we oscillate between going to sleep and getting up. Some days we sleep deeper (closer to the source), some days we sleep shallow (farther from the source). Even awakeness varies from day to day, some days we are more awake and some other days less. So the awakeness-sleep cycle is another oscillatory wave that rides within each of these waves.

Even moment to moment mood changes, energies, fleeting impulses, immediate desires, perceptions would be even smaller waves of energy manifestation (potential rise – kinetic drop). So the whole thing is a fractal. The smallest of waves would be our most atomic perceptions. The largest of waves would maybe span 25000 years, 2500 lives just for an imagination.

Another way to put it is in terms of algorithms driving life:
Broadest algorithms —————<spectrum>——————- Most micro algorithms

Most Abstract (meta^100 data)————————<spectrum>————————–Most Particular (most basic data)

Another way to put it would be, life is like a painting or music:
– The artist can choose a theme, colors, objects, details, micro-details and then complete it.
So in the spectrum of abstractness, here’s what it would look like:

<most abstract> —Colors——Theme——-Objects——-Details——-Micro details —<most particular>

Mapping the painting analogy to real life:
Colors – could be the nature of awareness, attention, spiritual laws etc.
Theme – could be the essence of the ‘HUMAN form’. What does it mean to be a human form? what flavor of experience is this?
Objects – could be our individual personalities
Details – Could be our broad thoughts/interests

Micro details – Could be our specific project interests/goal oriented thoughts

Another analogy can be music:
There is a broad theme of every song. The emotion and mood it conveys.
Then the particulars are chosen in the order of:

And so on.

The level of details keeps increasing, following the underlying theme/mood/emotion.

First Drums, then Bass, then guitar and rhythms, then Strings, then piano and lead guitars and voice.

Life is also a music of experience, Existence is music:
Time, space, causation would be the instruments themselves.
The human form of existence is a kind of music. (say the drums)
Then your particular personality is the bass.
Then your broad interests are like the rhythm guitar

Your immediate thoughts, goals, actions are like the piano, voice, lead guitar.

Each smaller wave of music (voice) rides over larger waves (rhythm) and those 2 ride on even larger waves (drums, bass).

Every wave springs from the ground of nothingness/infinite vacuum and returns to the same. And there are waves over waves over waves over waves riding inside each other like a fractal.

Outbreath and inbreath of source:
The source outbreaths all of these wave fractals into existence like music, infinitely.
The source breaths out life(experience) fragments into existence, allows them to flourish, move far away, and then sucks them back in.
The source is like a dream machine/generator. It breathes out the dream of life and then pulls it back in.

While the breathe-out happens KARMA is created. Karma is God/Source’s doing. This is the stage of the curious child full of potential for exploration and wonder. This is also the person with a vision for the world, an entrepreneur etc. Someone who is full of passion for attainment. Like a mountain climber etc.

Then when the sucking back in happens, it is the stage of returning. The desire instead of outward, turns inwards, and all the karma fragments created come together as they are being sucked back in.

Then it becoming like a puzzle of pieces. Everything is pieced together. It becomes like a tetris game. Once a bunch of pieces come together and they are perfectly understood the pieces get transcended and they disappear. This coagulation, coming together of all the fragments of experience happens, everything pieces together, there is an endless stream of insights as pieces are assembled correctly and as beliefs are removed and replaced with more and more rarified abstract thought. Finally EVERYTHING pieces together perfectly, the infinite perfection is revealed and the ultimate transcendence happens. It is the return to the ultimate innocence.

Then the source breathes out again a new manifestation, maybe in a different form, in a different universe, in something unimaginable (since it is infinite), and then sucks it all back in. And this eternal breath of life continues.

There is an eternal oscillation/breath in the spectrum:
Ultimate innocence/unknowing/mystery/infinite ——————–<spectum>————————————-Definite limited precise knowing delusion

Personal case:

In my case, I think it is the suction stage that is happening. I have done a hell lot of experiences in life/this manifestation and now my curiosity is more to discover my source and piece everything together (all the fragments), complete the picture and see how everything is perfect and I’m keen on transcending everything. This is the returning movement to the source.

Outward desire to explore the world and gather experiences = Out Breath

Inward desire to know the source and understand all of existence = In Breath

It is the just the movement in the direction of desire.

In childhood what was felt was being in the out-breath…rising in potential…lots of hopes ambitions dreams… An interest or potential energy….now I’m experiencing the inbreath – the downward slope of the larger wave….the smaller waves still ride but the larger wave is breathing out and experienced as contemplation….everything that comes in the way of this sucking in movement towards the source is resisted until the obstructions are dissolved with counter knowledge and insight.

So my movement of life is towards more and more insight, more and more abstract until the entire of manifestation is transcended and ultimately understood.

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