I am being done, I do not do anything

There is only happening, no doing
All I can do is “BE the ‘What is'”
Everything else in the mind is just a dance in the ‘What is’ space
I do not even move my mind and thoughts
They all just come to me

Everything is made up of ‘isness’
All perception is the projection of divine light
All forms are the divine, no matter what our interpretation is
Even the ‘interpretation’ part is the divine’s work

The notion of the existence of an autonomous self is a myth
As if a concept of ‘who I am‘ has any power to drive destiny
How can a concept like that have any intrinsic power.
No object in the world has any power.

No mental object, no physical object, no perceived phenomena has any will

The only will is the mysterious divine will that moves everything

Divine will is like the movie projector light
Which projects objects on the screen of existence.

The objects projected derive all their essence and power from the light

They have no intrinsic power

I am a work/artifact/creation of this same divine light
The same divine light that creates everyone

Why should I hold on to anything?

If everything is divine light?

If the essence of everything is the unmanifest mystery

Why should I hold on to any objects of the world?
Even this concept of ‘me’ which is also a divine work?

Destiny simply happens
Even this concept of ‘who I am‘ simply happens.
Everything is the dream of the divine God. I
(concept) don’t do anything.
In fact the Divine unknown mystery does both me (I concept) and my actions.

All pain, suffering, desire
Deadness, aliveness, beauty
Happiness, ecstasy, tension
Anxiety, fear etc. is the act of the divine.

I am being done
I do not do anything
Why should I contract as Deepak?
Why do I need to protect anything

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