Contemplation: Nov 18: The external world is just a prop

The external world is just a prop for your projections, like how props are used in a play.

What makes the experience of the real play happen? Its projection.
We project meaning onto to the external world, and that’s what creates riches.

True riches = Meaning, Synthesis of Imagination into a whole.

Meaning is beauty, a gestalt perception, where the whole>>>sum of the parts.

Meaning is like a dream. Different meaning frameworks = different dreams.

About meaning:
– Like imagine the difference between a dead human body and a living human, what is the difference in your perception?

– Imagine a movie playing with just random lights flashing, completely meaningless VS. a movie which is riveting and has you on the edge of your seat in anticipation. What is the difference?

– Even cartoon movies /cartoons can make us project all kinds of emotions on the characters. How is this possible? How do we project life like qualities onto cartoon characters?
– How is idol worship possible? How can we project the greatest of qualities on a stone idol.

– How does a child play with toys?dolls?miniatures? How do we lose this imagination ability in our adulthood?
– If you visit your childhood home and walk around all the streets, how many memories does it bring back? Imagine you invited a friend to walk with you on the same streets, would the place carry even a fraction of the significance you experienced? 

– When you repeat a word again and again for more than 30 times, the meaning of the word is lost right. You just hear it as a strange sound. What is exactly lost here?  

About drugs:

Psychedelics open up this very part, its as if suddenly your projections get as fascinating as they were in your childhood, or even better and they pour onto all your thoughts, memories and other sensory experiences causing a flood of meaning.
Once they wear off, you return to your old meaning framework.

Source of meaning/riches/imagination/beauty/love/creation:
What is interesting is that, all the meaning is projected by you, from the spiritual dimension to the sensory appearances in the world.

So you could say meaning comes from within.
The source of experience/projection/imagination is within.
The external objects and external meanings are ultimately what you projected on them from within, i.e. the source.

The ultimate source of all creation is you, inside you, intrinsic in your very nature.

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