Contemplative Insight – Nov 15, 2014

About Drugs:
Drugs dramatically change what is. Upto a 100% obliteration of reality can happen.
Drugs are the dream for someone who is radically averse to ‘What is’ / OR wanting to completely change ‘What is’. Higher the power of the drug(level of reality obliteration), the better.
A certain threshold of aversion from ‘What is’ is required to even consider trying drugs, because drugs radically change ‘What is’.

Drugs progressively affect your different bodies:
1. Physical body
2. Energy body
3. Mental body
4. Belief body

We are aversed or attached to ‘What is’ happening in each of these 4 levels. If you wished a completely new universe at all levels, then smoke DMT, consume high doses of psychedelics (close to 100% change of ‘What is’). If you want to only minimally change the physical and energy body then take caffeine, alcohol etc.

About drugs -2:
With drugs, they create a desire to seek/recreate/explore that experience. And this is like a desire like any other – do what it takes to obtain that plane of experience. Then as tolerance builds, one would try harder and harder to get back there. Its like giving you the most wonderful thing and then slowly taking it away far away from you.

Fundamental duality:
Movement for/against ‘What is’:

In Consciousness, this is the most fundamental duality – For ‘What is’, ‘Against ‘What is’.

Everything can be fundamentally put in these 2 categories.

Even emotions can be classified according to movement for or against ‘What is’:

Movement for ‘What is’ = All attachment emotions = Joy, love, beauty, wonder, power, satisfaction, union, pleasure, happiness
Movement against ‘What is’ = All aversion emotions = Desire, Ambition, Greed, Hatred, Pain, Motivation, Drive, Curiosity

It might be surprising that I clubbed even emotions like Desire, Ambition, motivation, drive, curiosity into ‘Aversion’ emotions. But however, this proves that what we call ‘Aversion’ is not all bad at all. In fact its an integral part of the machine of life. Aversion, attachment are like forward and backward movements in a salsa dance say, that is how innocuous/harmless they are.

‘What is’ = Movement of the Impersonal OR God’s will.

‘Aversion to What is’ = Personal Desire = Potential energy for seeking change of ‘What is’

‘Attachment to What is’ = Personal Pleasure = Potential energy for continuity of ‘What is’

The above 2 potential energies is what creates ‘Personal life’.

The Personal life is a wave that rides over the Impersonal wave.

When the Personal wave merges into the Impersonal wave – it is the effortless ultimate satisfaction, like a deep sleep experience.

However, in this ultimate satisfaction, you will disappear(personal death). Because ‘You’ by nature are fundamentally a movement against ‘What is’. ‘Personal You’ is ‘That’.

Great change implies great desire to change what is i.e. Aversion to what is:
Great change by definition would imply great aversion to ‘What is’. So if you are experiencing ‘Great aversion’ to ‘What is’, you are also experiencing the potential energy of ‘Great change’. It is the same thing. All the people we venerate and celebrate in the world, the great changers, have had a great aversion to ‘What is’, and this is what gave them energy in their fields.

The Enlightened as an extreme aversion to ‘What is’:
Only when utterly nothing is satisfying to you anymore, do you seek the transcendent (which is what leads to the death of the personal). We call them the greatest achievers, but they are the ones who had such overwhelming aversion to ‘What is’, that this potential energy caused them to seek and embrace the transcendental, we call them the ‘Enlightened’, the ultimate achievement.

Why would you seek spiritual dimensions, if you job and family satisfied you enough? Where is the potential energy to propel that kind of a search? That potential energy is the energy of ‘Aversion’, movement against ‘What is.

Life is by definition, a movement against ‘What is’:This aversion creates potential energy, or desire to change. When the desire to change is so strong, that you realize that NONE of the systems in the world, culture, social interactions, various social games, relationships, sex etc. cannot give you what you want, that is when you go for the mystical stuff – the stuff that promises to radically change, anything that promises radical change starts interesting you. Be it, meditation, shamanic trances, drugs, self inquiry, truth seeking, psychedelics etc.

Now a person with a attachment of 30% to ‘What is’ and an aversion of 70% to what is, will be ready to try hard drugs. But a person with attachment 70% and an aversion of 30%, will maybe try only minimal altering drugs, like coffee etc.
Great change i.e. great potential for change, is experienced as, great aversion to ‘What is’. Aversion to ‘What is’ is ‘Desire’.Personal life is fundamentally ‘desire’, and desire is movement against ‘What is’.Your life, is basically your movement against ‘What is'(‘God’s will). Ending of personal desire (which is death of personal life), is ceasing all movement against ‘What is’ is ‘Personal Death’, is the ‘Ultimate satisfaction’, is you living and in union with God’s will (since your personal will which is like a wave over God’s will has ceased, and therefore there is only the effortless reality).
Aversion is the potential for change.
Attachment is the potential for continuity.
When gigantic changes have to be done, there is great aversion to ‘what is’.
When there is great attachment to something, we do everything to ensure the continuity of that thing.

Pleasure = Attachment = movement for ‘What is’
Pain = Hatred = Aversion = movement against/away from ‘What is’
Movement ‘For’ what is, creates

When all movement away from ‘What is’ ceases – that is ultimate satisfaction. You then die into the ocean of God’s will, the union, because your movement of separation from it has ceased.

‘You’ are the movement against ‘What is’. When that is gone, you are gone. The price for ultimate satisfaction is ‘You’, because, you are fundamentally a movement against ‘What is’.

This is what part of meditative sadhana and Yoga aims to accomplish. Their aim is to cease movement away from ‘What is’ and just BE that. In fact Yoga means exactly that, ‘Union’.

Are even emotions like curiosity, exploration desire, inquisitiveness, ambition, drive, motivation, goals etc. essentially aversion(movement away from) to ‘what is’?
Is life itself both 1. pleasure/attachment(movement for) and 2. aversion/resistance(movement against/away from) to ‘What is’? When I see aversion in this light, it occurs to me, its not negative at all, but simply a charged potential energy for change.

Does it mean the person with the most aversion to ‘What is’ experiences the most personal life(which is inherently a movement away from ‘What is’)?
Completely dissolving into ‘What is’ is personal experience death.
Attachment to ‘What is’ is pleasure. It is the potential for continuity and continuation.

Now you may say, we are attached to things that give us pain too. But that is just colloquial. Actually that attachment is a pleasure of sorts if you look deeply. Even pain, fear, contraction are seductive.

Attachment emotions would be everything that give energy to the quality of ‘continuity’. At the pinnacle of attachment emotions would the most pleasurable experiences – like extreme love, which everyone wants to stay forever (therefore continuity).

The ‘desire’ (potential energy feeling) to change ‘what is’ (God’s movement) is personal life.
Its like a smaller wave riding on a bigger wave.

In terms of orienting your life:

What you REALLY REALLY feel, your deepest desire like doing is God’s will. In fact it could be said the greatest desire of all humans is to be one with God.

All the other stuff you do, for which you do not have that level motivation/desire in you is not God’s will, but consumes from a limited reserve of personal will. Ultimately you know, from which place you are acting from, God’s will or from your concepts.

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