Modalities of experience used by the spirit to play

There are 3 modalities of experience props for the spirit:

Sensory, Mind, Belief

Sensory modalities:

Internal: Feel, Image, Talk
External: Touch, Sight, Sound

Meaning superimposing/projecting itself onto sensory modalities:
Sound – What is the meaning projected on music? What is the meaning of language?
Sight – What is the meaning projected on art paintings?
Touch – What is the meaning of exotic textures?

Image – What is the meaning of mental images?
Feel – What is the meaning of emotions, internal feelings? (Energy body)
Talk – What is the meaning of the subvocalized inner voice, or recreating sounds in my head?

Mind modality – Lets define this modality/dimension as the conceptualizer of experience. The mind is also a generator of thoughts – ideas, concepts, imagination.

How much meaning do your ideas, thoughts, imaginations, concepts give you?

Belief modality – What do you recognize yourself to be (what flavor of experience, what qualities)? What are you identified with? What are you moving towards? Why do you like/dislike different things? What stories have you internalized? What is your conditioning and how does it condition your present experience? What do you desire/seek?

How much meaning do you feel from your beliefs, goals, identity, direction of life?
Spirit/Meaning modality – How do you process/interpret all of the other modalities? How do you project meaning on all of the other modalities?

The spirit modality is the final one and it comes down to INPUT INTERPRETATION – Input from all the other modalities i.e. Sensory (internal, external), Mind and Belief.

The spirit is the dreamer, the ultimate subject who does the INPUT/DREAM INTERPRETATION of all of the INPUT/CONTENT (All of the other modalities).
Ultimately all of the other modalities are simply different kinds of props used by the Spirit as props for meaning. That is how a spirit enjoys itself, by creating various props, giving them LIFE (‘meaning’ projections) and playing with them. Very similar to how a child picks up a bunch of toys and merrily plays with them. 
The external world/conceptual framework etc. is like a shared reality, which serves as a prop, for a bunch of spirits to come down to this plane and experience this.

This earth plane of existence with its laws is very limited, manifestation is much slower compared to the higher dimensions the spirit is used to, many swaths of experience are not available to the spirit at all here, however it is an interesting experience for a spirit to incarnate here as a body, because its a place that allows the spirit to experience LIMITATION.
This experience of LIMITATION then potentates the experience of FREEDOM once the spirit is out of here.
It is like, if you watch a movie about people that are starving, suffering, facing danger and dying, a part of you feels relief that your life is so much safer. Similarly a spirit incarnates here to experience limitation, so that once free, the freedom is all the more wonderful.

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