Contemplation on what is the Absolute Truth

I’ll start with what I mean by truth. 
The Definition (I’m starting with): ‘That’ which is unchanging.

In my experience:
In consciousness, there is no ‘nothing’ at all, in fact there is never ‘nothing’. There is always a ‘something’. But all of this ‘something’ is changing. Which means all of the ‘something’, has no essence. All of the ‘something’ is insubstantial and therefore not really true. In other words, the only absolute truth is “Nothing is true”. The very fact that I goto sleep in the night and everything disappears implies none of what disappeared is real. Since everything disappeared, then what follows is that ‘Nothing is un-changingly real’.But then, most people in the world believe that some somethings are true and somethings are not. Does it mean, to get enlightened, they have to do self inquiry/contemplation/sadhana to reach this state of ?That means even to say ‘Nothing is true’ cannot be absolutely true, if we can get a person to change from experiencing ‘Something is true’ to ‘Nothing is true’. That is like changing from a state A to state B, which means state B cannot be the ultimate truth. The absolute truth has to be unchanging, and must be unchangingly true.

Lets say state A = delusion, state B = real truth.
Then what is the ultimate truth, that encompasses both these states?
The confusing part about delusion is that, a delusion is real only until it is known to be, like a dream is real until it lasts. Once you know, that say, something is a delusion, then in a sense, you aren’t even deluded anymore. A truly deluded person does not even know he is deluded, such a knowledge would imply he is not deluded.

If reality is a dream, and all dreams are real while they happen, and if each dream is infinite and there are infinite such dreams happening, in infinite such creatures (as imagined in my infinite dream in infinite ways in time), in infinite dimensions (known and unknown, infinite gross to subtle spectrums), THEN there are infinite realities, and we are stepping from one infinite to another infinite and we have never left the infinite as along.

Is enlightenment the theme of the dream of a person whose dream is about attaining absolute freedom from everything and absolute knowledge(experiential) of the nature of existence (not ‘his’ existence, because it is impersonal)? Could it be said, that the entire human life is a game and is ultimately leading to everyone getting enlightened? And there are people at various levels? Is enlightenment the ultimate desire of all people?

None of the above seem absolutely true. They all are models/thoughts/beliefs again. 

This means the only thing I can say about the absolute truth is that:

Absolute truth is the UNKNOWN, THE MYSTERY. It therefore cannot be known or understood, but only be lived. It is living in the UNKNOWN / MYSTERY. It is, dying to the NOW.

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