Insights – Nov 11

About desirelessness and egolessness:
Desireless does not mean having no desires. It means detachment/dis-identification from desires. 
Egolessness does not mean not having an ego. It means a detachment/dis-identification from the ego manifestation.
This detachment/dis-identification cannot be forced, but it is the outcome of deep contemplation/inquiry into the nature of existence. 

What is God?
Other words for God would be – Infinite nothing, the unknown, transcendent, the mystery, the ultimate subject, the surprise, the unexpected, and so on. But all these words are inaccurate concepts/descriptions, because I cannot reduce the transcendent to one word or a concept. The transcendent contains all of the contradictions too within it. Like it is both nothing and something at the same time. Its similar to the riddle of: Everything is presence, because there is presence of presence and presence of absence OR the riddle of: Everything is consciousness.

God is EVERYTHING. Everything does not come from nothingness and return to nothingness. That would be inaccurate to say. A more accurate way to state would be, ‘The nothingness that’s free of time/space appears as a something (inc. time and space) and keeps eternally dancing/changing form. Change is part of its essence itself. The nothing therefore permeates all of the something. Everything is made up of the substance of this ‘nothing’ or ‘God’.’

A mini analogy for this would be: 
Its like a alien who, say, has the ability to shape shift itself to any form and behavior. The alien suddenly appears to you like your mother, father, sister, daughter, brother, friend, companion, lover, a bird, an animal, anything, since the alien can shape shift into anything. In this case, the alien is truly none of the shapes or behavior you saw, the alien has infinite possibility of transforming itself into anything. God is something like that.

Enlightenment as an attained state is the ultimate illusion:
Enlightenment is the ultimate illusion. Everything is a dream, all equally infinite and beautiful. There is no way to absolutely win. Actions change the dream, but the dreams and unique and incomparable anyways. Its like a river where you never step in the same river twice, the journey from the unexpected to the unexpected, surprise to the surprise. All of experience is unrepeatable and therefore an ecstasy. Everything is absurd. We are stepping from the absurd to the absurd, strangeness to strangeness. I am too happy and involved in what’s there NOW and the surprises held at every moment, to care about the future. When there is no fear, the future is irrelevant. We think about the future because of fear or because of hope for a better moment than the present. What if this is best possible moment u can have and what if every moment is that way? Why would you ever care about the future instead of losing yourself NOW? Life is the mystical experience. This is exactly what anyone ever wants in the broad picture. This is perfection, and nothing has ever left the perfect. 

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