Stressing the mind by giving it the role of the helm of existence

I cannot use my mind even at its highest capacity to really optimize the entire of existence. Mind is a part of existence and plays its role, but it cannot do everything. The mind is an appearance like any other and therefore cannot be put at the helm of the ship. The question is not of balance, but of transcendence. I have to transcend the mind and understand its true nature. Giving the burden of controlling, managing everything is a contraction of consciousness again which is painful. The spectrum runs all the way from – Spasm………………|……Flexible………|………………..Total Relaxation. Like a string of a guitar. Its the music thats important and not the string’s specific tautness. So all appearances serve as ingredients to the music which is experience. If any one appearance is fully believed to be true and the sole controller then it is like persisting in playing a particular tune in piano even when the other instruments like drums, bass, strings in the orchestra are having a different beat and rhythm. Sometimes all the instruments may sync with the particular tune you are playing in the piano but at all other times, it will be a struggle and disharmonious. What is needed is an ultimate optimization function of all appearances in every moment of experience so that every moment is a beautiful music. The number of harmonies possible are infinite just like the number of disharmonies possible are infinite. It like moving to a happier infinity from a struggle oriented infinity. This optimization will obviously happen once everything has been transcended. Transcendence is seeing the ultimate vision and purpose of everything. Once that is seen, everything now serves this truth. The only thing needed is realization of the absolute truth.

All decisions and actions are purely in the service of this apprehended wholeness. They happen automatically in harmony to whatever level your vision operates from. The only thing needed is the permeation of awareness into all contents of consciousness and transcendence. The harmonization happens automatically because it is only the illusions that are preventing this harmonization from naturally happening. Harmony, Beauty, Bliss, Celebration, Ecstasy is the basic nature once all illusions are seen through.

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