Transcending duality concepts – weight, effort, perfection, beauty, awareness, spectrums

Concept of weight:
– What is the concept of weight? When weight itself is fully observed wouldn’t weight become just an appearance of a sensation on the screen of consciousness?
– Is the aim of freedom to get out of all weight? Now weight exists at many levels. There is the weight imposed by the ‘waking reality’ with the appearance of gravity. In other words, weight is a restriction on freedom. Weight is annoying only when you want to move against it. Otherwise with 0 resistance, weight is a just a kind of lingering sensation.
– Another question would be, what do you carry with you from moment to moment? What kinds of thoughts, patterns, tendencies, potentials, habits, routines, modes/paradigms of perception? The weight of caring. The weight of caring about expectations. The weight of attachment. The weight of habit/routine. This is weight in the subtler level. There is the perception of the ‘weight concept’ at all levels.
– What part of weight do I have control over and what do I not have control over? Can there be a transcendent perception of no weight, which we all strive for i.e. liberation? Where even the sensation of weight floats in weightlessness?
 Weightless weight or the weight of weightlessness will both become appearances on the transcendent screen.
Concept of effort:
The concept of effort is another interesting one. Does effort really exist? From a particular perspective it does not exist at all. Everything is an effortless modulation of consciousness of the divine particles which is actually ecstasy unfolding. From this perspective, even the appearance of effort is effortless and part of the expression of this divine ecstasy.

From a transcendent plane, everything is in ecstasy and effortless. Even the appearance of effort is part of the ecstasy. 

Effortless effort and effortful effortlessness will both become appearances on the transcendent screen.

Concept of perfection and beauty:

Perfection and beauty kind of go together. Now one may argue, you can find beauty in something imperfect, maybe its imperfection is the beauty. But then, isn’t that imperfection perfect? OR the thing is perfectly imperfect? Its similar to the other concepts such as presence. There is only presence and absence too is a kind of presence. We could say the same about perfection too, Imperfection also is a kind of perfection.

Isn’t perfection a created concept too? What is perfect? Something being as it is in its full glory? What if everything is left to be as it is, wouldn’t that be experiencing perfection? Isn’t beauty also the same kind of thing? Seeing with total clarity and allowing everything to be exactly as it is. Like your anger is perfect as it is, if you allow it to be exactly as it is. The same with all negative emotions or positive emotions.

The other conventional idea is that we uphold a particular ideal as perfection, a set of principles. Like the golden ratio, certain aesthetically pleasing proportions, symmetry and so on.  Even in this case, they are beliefs/certain ideas/symbolisms that create the direct experience of beauty/perfection. But isn’t this belief itself and all the experiences it creates beautiful and perfect?

At any situation, if we profoundly let everything be exactly as it is, we would experience beauty and perfection.

Imperfect Perfection and Perfect Imperfection would both become appearances on the transcendent screen. The same with Ugly beauty and beautiful ugliness.

Concept of awareness/consciousness/perception:
The question I raise here is, is it possible to not be aware/conscious/perceive? Lets say its possible. Then we would have their opposites – unawareness/unconsciousness/non perception. But even to know that you are unaware, unconscious, something in you needs to be aware/conscious of that. So it is impossible to not be aware/conscious. So logically awareness/consciousness is eternal.

Both conscious unconsciousness and unconscious consciousness will become appearances on the transcendent screen.

Concept of Spectrums:
Let say a spectrum runs from negative infinity to positive infinity.
This could be any duality – Lets say light/dark, heaven/hell.
 Now suppose there are infinite such spectrums for each of the qualities we have in existence.
until  ∞

Now again there is a transcendent ∞ that encompasses all of the above. The final ∞. The infinity of all infinities. The class of all classes.

Every moment in life is an opportunity to transcend. Life gives you infinite opportunities/chances.

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