Thoughts – Aug 18 2014

Even that you call yourself individual and separate the inside form the outside, me vs. the other, is a feat. done by your perception/imagination/a division of the same unitary consciousness. The perspective here is transcendent. It is not that ‘You’ do not have control over external circumstances. You are identifying yourself as the body and certain patterns of thinking and emotion you call ‘annie’ or yourself. Everything outside of that, you call the outside/external. If you instead identify yourself with all of consciousness, it is like stripping away all the layers to reach the unitary reality. In this reality, everything is only an appearance/movie in the screen of consciousness. What you call external factors is also a part of the appearance/movie. There is the appearance of the quality of ‘no control’ in your consciousness for certain aspects and there is the appearance of ‘control’ for certain others. For example: You cannot control the color of the sky, but you can always close your eyes, shift your attention to another object and poof the sky has disappeared from your consciousness screen. Does any object exist? when you do not think about it? In a way, reality is ‘Attention’. What you put your attention on is your reality. For example, try this out, close your eyes and imagine a vast grass field in your mind. Do this for 5 secs. Everything that disappeared in those 5 seconds did not exist at that time. For eg: Your mom, dad, brother, sister, relatives, california state, the fact that you are american, that you are in the US, nothing existed in those 5 seconds. So even the fact that you happen to think of yourself as ” who is inside a body is an appearance. Does the body exist? Not actually. Because, you can lay motionless and dream about something, during those moments the body did not exist. So what you put your attention on controls your reality. So all power in life is basically power of attention. The infinite reality is collapsed to a more predictable and mundane existence because our attention gets trapped into various habits. Afterwards habits gain a momentum/gravity of their own and it becomes difficult to be free of them. Now there is also the factor of beliefs. Why we believe is a metaphysical or mystical question. Our beliefs is what drives the movie of reality. If you did not believe in anything, it would not be possible to even experience anything. Knowledge/belief creates experience, experience then fortifies the knowledge and so on. It is like an infinite thought sandwich with no beginning or end. ……Knowledge – Experience – Knowledge – Experience -Knowledge – Experience……As you dissect the layers of reality, you will identify with greater and greater abstractness…and at the highest abstraction, you will apprehend the uniting substance of everything which is bare consciousness.

There is nothing you do not know. Even that you think/believe/experience that you dont’ know something implies you know what that something is. If I say the statement ‘I dont know something’, how can I even make this statement without a vague idea of what this something is? It maybe a direction, subtle thought, abstract imagination, strange concept etc.

Even this concept of creation can be questioned when you say you find it hard to perceive that the unknown is created by us. Is the creator separate from the created? Is there really a separation? What if everything in your consciousness is happening by itself and of itself? without a creator really? (Like this notion of creator comes from a mechanistic model of the universe where the potter shapes the clay and moulds it, it comes from christianity and is quite short-sighted). You are all of consciousness and the appearance of the unknown is a modulation of this consciousness substance, there is nobody/no thing/or god who has created this. That is what they mean when the mystics say ‘My true nature is the unknown, the mystery, the boundless, the undefined, the ultimate,infinity. The closest analogy I can give is everything comes from the infinite vaccuum of emptiness and returns to this vaccuum. Its as if the world is falling upwards from this infinite vaccum. Certain possibilities of the infinite vaccuum fall upwards into existence as manifestation. Maybe we visit this infinite vaccuum everyday in our sleep and that is the potential energy for all manifestation possibilities.

Even this dream that you have that a higher perspective than what you have now is possible is an appearance in the present moment. Meaning all moments in consciousness are already complete and whole. Technically, if all moments are complete, whole and divine, then there is nowhere to go, nothing to attain, nothing to strive for. This is a celebration of completeness moving from completeness to completeness or Emptiness to emptiness. Completeness and Emptiness are actually inseparably related. What is present everywhere is Nothing, because Nothing is everywhere.

You bring things into existence by moving your attention. When you look and apprehend the pencil, there it is. If you look at the sky, there it is. If you focus on your hand, there it is and so forth. You create experiences using your attention. Even the distinction of consciousness and unconsciousness is a distinction you are making between what you think you know and what you think you do not know. Ultimately you even know what you think you do not know. Because there is some imagination in your head about the unknown object. By very definition it is impossible to even make a statement about the unknown because the unknown is not even in your consciousness. You would not even know that you dont know in that case.

Yea, infact at an absolute level, no experience can be communicated through words. This applies to all of direct experience. In a way, you are truly alone (but thats the glorious part too :P)

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