Duality Spectrums

Starting energy: Low———High  
Level of interest in a thing: Disinterest ——–Interest  
Harmonizing function of consciousness: High (like arabesque patterns,beauty)——–Low(Chaos, cacophony)
Schizophrenia ——— Single rigid reality 
Isolation————Entirely social 
Unwillingness to participate ———-Willingness to participate 
No commitment ———- High commitment  
Capacity to think of other people’s problems/empathy. Low ———–High  
Capacity to take responsibility for external world. Low ————High  
Capacity for getting absorbed in external Low ———-High  
Capacity for getting absorbed in internal  Low ———–High  
With a Thing: Highest identification—————Lowest Identification  
Do what you don’t want to do—————–Doing exactly what you want to do.   
Lowest—– (Willingness to participate)———-Highest
Lowest——(Interest in the world/other people)——Highest
Lowest——(Responsibility for experience)——-Highest
Lowest——(Capacity to engage/get motivated)——–Highest

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